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Metro Exodus good ending | How to get the best ending

Metro Exodus is the biggest game in the Metro 2033 franchise to date and it continues the theme of having a good ending and a bad ending. Our Metro Exodus good ending guide is here to help you figure out how to navigate the game’s many perils and have a happy ending for Artyom and the crew of the Aurora. For obvious reasons, this particular guide is going to be positively laden with spoilers, so read on at your own risk! Now that you’ve been warned: here is how to get the best ending in Metro Exodus!

Metro Exodus good ending | How the game can end

Metro Exodus good ending

Metro Exodus has a series of moral choices that the player must navigate. Unlike similar games with a karma system, the moral points system of Metro Exodus is subtle. You won’t get any kind of on-screen message telling you that you did a good or bad thing. There is no stat that is easy to track. Most players going through the game for the first time might not even realize that there is a sort of karma system in the game.

The game’s final chapter has you and the crew of the Aurora venturing into Novosibirsk, the Dead City. While the crew searches for train parts, you and Colonel Miller are heading back down into the Metro once again in order to find critical medication that can save Anna’s life. Unfortunately, Colonel Miller will die at the end of your journey no matter which ending you ultimately get. The person who is truly at risk here is, in fact, Artyom.

Artyom and Colonel Miller both suffer extreme exposure to high levels of radiation. Colonel Miller cannot be saved, but Artyom could be with a blood transfusion. Artyom also happens to be a universal recipient, meaning that absolutely everyone on the Aurora can donate blood to save him. Essentially, you need to have enough people on board the Aurora by the end in order to survive. Succeed, and Artyom lives. Fail, and he dies.

Metro Exodus good ending | How to get the good ending

Metro Exodus good ending

Getting the good ending in Metro Exodus is a little difficult to figure out intuitively (especially if you don’t know that the moral points system exists!). Thankfully, the Metro Exodus good ending isn’t as difficult to figure out as it was in the previous games of the franchise.

To start, players should avoid doing anything particularly bad. Don’t shoot unarmed civilians without provocation. If you have enemies surrendering, don’t kill them. (If you’re worried about them coming after you, you can simply bonk them on the head and take all of their stuff. It’s mechanically similar to an execution without the messy cleanup and moral points penalty.)

Aside from avoiding bad behavior, the player must also make an effort to do good deeds. You may be explicitly given optional side quests like the incredibly important mission to rescue a teddy bear. Completing these side missions will net you a nice bonus to your moral points and they may have other more tangible rewards as well. Not all of these missions or events are obvious, though, so it’s best to thoroughly explore each level to find them.

Finally, each of the game’s chapters has a hidden quest and/or condition that will determine whether or not a crew member stays, joins, or leaves. For example, your actions in The Volga will determine whether or not you can save Duke. Lose too many crew members and there won’t be enough blood donors at the end to save you from the massive dose of radiation that you endured in the game’s final level.

Thankfully, you don’t have to get absolutely everyone on board. I was able to save Duke and keep Alyosha alive in The Taiga, but I wasn’t able to keep Damir and Giul from leaving in The Caspian. Despite my failing in this area, I nonetheless was able to get the Metro Exodus good ending. You don’t have to worry about keeping everyone on board, although Achievement hounds should know that there is a Trophy/Achievement for having the largest possible crew on the Aurora.

Save enough crew members and do enough good deeds and Artyom will survive at the end. That’s really all it comes down to. Listen to the requests of people in the world, don’t unnecessarily kill other NPCs, and pay attention to what people are saying and the requests that are made of you. Follow these steps and you’ll handily earn yourself the Metro Exodus good ending.