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Rocket League Sound Broken Fix | Why is the boost audio too low?

Can you hear me now? Good. If you’re a Rocket League player, though, you might be dealing with a big Rocket League sound broken issue after the new update. From boosts being too quiet, to muffled audio, to engines and other sound effects sounding way too loud, there’s a veritable gamut of ear-straining defects coming out of Rocket League. But, is there a Rocket League sound fix coming? Cross your fingers, put plugs in your ears, and join us as we put pedal to the metal to see why the Rocket League sound is broken.

Why is the Rocket League sound broken after the new update?

rocket league sound broken

Without wanting to be churlish, Psyonix has screwed the pooch slightly on this one. In a Reddit post, the developer reveals the following reason why the Rocket League sound is broken after the Rocket League 1.58 update: “[The] more active HDR (High Dynamic Range) audio mix we included in the Friends Update. With this new mix, sound in Rocket League works like a web: The volume of one object depends on the volume of several other objects for how loud or quiet it should be.”

In layman’s terms, the sound of things that are further or closer to you haven’t been adjusted properly. And that covers a lot of issues.

List of Rocket League sound bugs and other issues

rocket league sound broken

  • General muffled sound
  • Boosts too loud/too quiet
  • Ball collision sound too loud
  • Goal explosion sounds too far away
  • Picking up boost sound too quiet
  • Engines too quiet

Is there a Rocket League sound broken fix?

rocket league sound broken

Psyonic has given us a slight Rocket League sound broken fix, stating in the above Reddit post that all audio settings should be changed back to their defeault settings. You can do that by going to “Options” on the main menu, flicking through the tabs until you reach “Audio” and then hitting Square on PS4/X on Xbox One.

Mileage for that, though, may vary. Personally, it’s done very little to help fix the Rocket League audio issues match-to-match. Instead, you can choose to tweak your current setup to help matters a touch. If a boost is too loud (such as the Winter Storm boost, for example) or an engine is too quiet, you should go to “Garage” and create a new Preset with a slightly better-sounding engine and boost. Be sure to test it out in Local games to mix-and-match the best-sounding boosts.

I also find that using a headset instead of playing Rocket League sound through your television’s speakers offers up a slight improvement.

Psyonix, meanwhile, says “We want to fix both of these bugs as soon as possible,” but has not given a Rocket League sound fix release date. Ho-hum.