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Apex Legends No Apex Pack Fix | Where is my missing Apex Pack?

Got no Apex Pack waiting for you in the Store in Apex Legends? Many are coming across a seemingly irritating bug that sees players not unlocking Apex Packs after leveling up. So, why is there no Apex Pack once you rank up? There’s actually a pretty straightforward reasoning behind it, but it’s not one the game makes abundantly clear from the get-go. Here’s where your missing Apex Pack has got to, if you can even call it missing, that is.

Where is my missing Apex Pack in Apex Legends?

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Apex Packs flood in like clockwork on Apex Legends. Every time you level up, you get an Apex Pack. Simple, right? Well, surprisingly, the game pulls the rug out from underneath you midway through your trek towards the level cap, as no Apex Packs become a more common scene instead of the single Apex Pack that typically gets dished out after you level up.

Simply put, you aren’t supposed to get an Apex Pack every time you level up. Apex Legends rewards you with one every time you level up in the early levels but, from then on, it’s really up to the RNG gods as to whether you get a piece of the Apex Pack pie.

There is some logic behind it, however. According to EA Community Manager EA_Blueberry on the EA Forums, you are only entitled to 45 Apex Packs between the levels of one and 100. Not only that, but the game is weighted to giving out free Apex Packs the lower your level is. The higher your level is, the less likely it is that you’ll get an Apex Pack, hence more experienced players being up in arms about “missing” Apex Packs.

While it’s probably a little too late now, be sure to keep tabs on how many Apex Packs you’re given, so you’ll have an idea of when to expect an Apex Pack and when you’ll get no Apex Pack upon leveling up. As a rule, and from personal experience, you can roughly expect an Apex Pack every level up until level 20, then every 2-3 levels thereafter. It’s a tough grind, but someone’s gotta do it.