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Anthem Freelancer Down Bug | Is there a fix?

One of the biggest roadblocks put in your way during the main quest of BioWare’s latest release is the Anthem Freelancer Down bug. The mission in question sees you (and your team, if you’ve buddied up) being met by a seemingly never-ending, infinite wave of enemies once you reach the quest step “Clear a Path to Escape the Fortress of Dawn” and to “Defeat Dominion troops.” There is, mercifully, a way around this, so you can fix the Anthem Freelancer Down bug and get on your merry way.

What is the Anthem Freelancer Down bug?

If you’ve already witnessed it, you know what I’m going to outline but, if you don’t, now is a good a time as any to get acquainted with the Anthem Freelancer Down bug.

Towards the end of the Critical Objective, you’re tasked with escaping the Fortress of Dawn; you’re meant to defeat a couple of waves to do so. However, the game sees fit to bug out and present you with an infinite wave of Dominion for you to fight, meaning you, essentially, can’t beat the mission and progress through the game. This is all while you’re meant to destroy a generator. No matter what you do, the game just doesn’t let you through and killing the enemies for minutes and even hours if you’re foolhardy enough doesn’t do the trick either.

So, what gives, and how do you proceed?

Anthem Freelancer Down bug fix

There’s a couple of different methods you can use to fix the Anthem Freelancer Down bug, though none of them are particularly fun to go through.

First up, having your entire squad die at the Dominion’s hand is one way to go about it. This’ll kick you back to the last checkpoint and (hopefully) should reset things enough so that you don’t get met with the bug this time around. You might have to do this two or three times on the bounce, and you’ll know it hasn’t worked if you aren’t told to reach the bridge soon after destroying the generator, but it’s worth a shot. That’s because the next fix might take even longer in terms of time spent.

The second (and most trustworthy) method is that you play Freelancer Down solo, in a private lobby. That means having to restart the whole thing from scratch. Sure, it’s not ideal, but this seems to be the best method of ensuring you can actually finish the blasted mission.