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Apex Legends Random Crashing Fix | Crash without error guide

If an Apex Legends random crashing fix is what you need, as the game keeps tending to crash without error, then you’ll no doubt be in a state of frustration and, as this battle royale experience is actually good when it works, desperation. Getting back into the fight, especially when you’re trying to team with friends in this trios-only title, is of utmost importance. If there was an error code, at least you’d be able to target that specific issue. But no, you’re just crashing to the desktop and given no reason as to why it’s happening. Here’s what you need to know about a potential Apex Legends random crashing fix for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Why does Apex Legends crash without error?

Why does Apex Legends crash without error?

If you’re experiencing the Apex Legends crash without error issue, then you’re most likely on PC. (Console players normally get an error code popping up during a crash.) Unlike consoles, where every player is using pretty much identical hardware, PC setups can differ enormously between player to player, and with that kind of variety comes a variety of potential problems. From unstable components to drivers acting badly, there are thousands of possible problems that can cause PCs to cause games to crash.

Of course, there’s also the software itself on PC, with Apex Legends having its own issues that are still in need of some fixes. Common errors include the “Party Not Ready” issue, anti-cheat crash, and 105 error.

Apex Legends random crashing fix

Apex Legends Random Crashing Fix

There are a number of Apex Legends random crashing fix methods you can try. These come direct from EA, so hopefully one of them will stop the crash without error nightmare that you are having.

First, you’ll want to ensure that you have the latest Windows updates installed. Here here to remedy that problem. You will also want to make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for graphics card. This link will help you with that.

Here are more helpful tips, for consoles as well as PC, as provided by EA Answers:

PC Troubleshooting

  • Cap your frame rate.
    • Go to origin->game library->right click on Apex ->Game properties->advanced->and put in Command line arguments: +fps_max 75. (You can try setting it lower too (100, 90, 80, etc.) This step has improved stability for a lot of players, but you may need to try some different settings to get it right.
  • Set Anti-Cheat priority to low in Task Manager.
    • Launch the game.
    • Open Task Manager by typing CTRL + ALT + DELETE
    • Go to Details tab>Find Easy Anti-Cheat program and right click>Set priority to low.
  • Try lowering the graphical settings within your in-game settings menu. You can try setting everything to low, and have anything optional disabled, then if you do see increased stability, you can enable things piecemeal until you find where your issue lies.
  • Right-click on desktop shortcut icon and run “troubleshoot compatibility” before launching.
  • If you have an FX-6XXX CPU, check the steps in this thread. 
  • Repair the game in Origin. Within the Origin client right-click on Apex Legends and select “repair.”
  • Switch from Full Screen to Windowed mode or Borderless from in the in-game settings
  • Close programs and overlays running in the background like Discord overlay, GeForce Experience Overlay, TeamSpeakOrigin in-game and FPS counter, Asus GPU Tweak II, MSI afterburner, EVGA Precision, Shadowplay, Aura for ASUS, RivaTuner OSD, RivaTuner statistics, GeForce Experience, Radeon ReLive, Voicemeeter, FRAPS, OBS studio.
  • There might be some type of program running in the background or installed on your PC that is causing a conflict with Origin. By performing a clean boot, you close down all unnecessary programs needed to boot up your PC. Once you boot it up launch the game immediately.
  • Roll back your GPU drivers. We know updating them to the latest version is ideal, but we’re seeing drivers 417.71 & 417.35 stop crashing for players. Use the Advanced and then ‘Clean Installation’ options.
  • Turn off G-Sync (NVIDIA) or Freesync (AMD)
  • Adjust Ambient Occlusion in NVIDIA control panel (Manage 3D Settings)
  • Adjust or disable all forms of Vsync for your monitor
  • Downclock GPU to default settings
  • Try uninstalling GeForce Experience (NVIDIA)
  • Increase your GPU and Windows power setting to Max. Open up “NVIDIA Control Panel” -> from the NVIDIA Control Panel, select the “Manage3D settings” from the left column -> click on the Power management mode drop down box and select “Prefer Maximum Performance”.
  • Try reducing Texture Streaming from the in-game settings
  • Reducing VRAM usage from 8GB to 6GB (streaming texture option)
  • Reinstall the game to the internal hard drive (C:\) and unplug external hard drives that aren’t being used
  • Add Windows Defender Firewall exceptions: (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed Apps). Make sure to add and check both boxes for Origin’s Launcher program. How programs and anti-virus programs can conflict with Origin.
  • Right-click the speaker Icon in your system tray (bottom left of Windows) then choose Sound > Playback and disable any output device not in use (don’t forget to right click show all disconnected / deactivated devices).
  • If you are encountering the “illegal instruction” error message, please report the issue to Easy Anti-cheat using the form here:
  • Toggling your language may help. Right-click the game panel in Origin, choose Game Properties, then Advanced Launch Options. Change the game language (“Polish” helps some folks), save the game and update. Once this completes try swapping back to your language and check again.
  • Allow Windows to manage your PageFile size
  • Ensure that Origin, the game and your PageFile are all on the same drive.
  • Disable fullscreen optimisations
  • Allow the EasyAntiCheat Service to restart if it fails
  • Remove torrenting software from your system.
  • Change EasyAntiCheat.exe priority to low.
    • Start the game>Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete)> go to Details and find EasyAntiCheat.exe>Right click to change priority to Low. (This process may need to be repeated every time you launch the game)

Xbox One

  • Perform a power cycle:
  • Clear the MAC Address: From the Xbox dashboard select Settings>All Settings>Network>Network Settings>Advanced Settings>Alternate MAC address>Clear, then restart your Xbox.
  • Deleted the local saved data. From My Games & Apps>Highlight Apex Legends>Press Start>Manage Game>Deleted Saved Data
  • Unplug any devices attached to the USB slot
  • Reinstall the game (if it is on an external hard drive try installing it on the internal drive)

PlayStation 4