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Fortnite Ping System | How to Ping Items and Locations

Since the Fortnite Season 8 update released yesterday, players have found a seemingly familiar way to communicate with their team in a match. Yes, the Season 8 update brought Apex Legends‘ stellar system of pings into Fortnite, allowing players to highlight items and specific locations on the map to their team. The Fortnite Ping System allows you to communicate strategic commands to your team without the need for a mic, giving you a brief respite from the cacophony that is Fortnite‘s voice chat. Read on to find out how to ping items and locations in Fortnite.

Fortnite Ping System | How to Ping Items and Locations

Fortnite Ping System

If you’ve played Apex Legends, then you’ll quickly recognize the same mechanics in Fortnite‘s ping system. For example, while looking at an item, if you press the Place Marker button on your console or PC that item will be highlighted. Likewise, if you look at a location, a marker will appear for that location visible to all your teammates. This can help streamline communication when you’re on the move, eliminating the need to look at the map for directing your squad, and keeping you more aware of your surroundings.

You can also highlight enemy locations by pressing the Place Marker button twice while aiming at enemies. Use this to make sure your whole squad knows where the enemy is, and you can ambush them as a unit. Similarly, if you’re downed by enemy fire, you can still ping the enemy’s location to your teammates. The Fortnite ping system wasn’t the only new feature introduced in the recent 8.00 update, with pirate cannon vehicles that can be pushed around and used to fire out other players. Of course, most players are focused on unlocking the new Banana skin outfit, which slowly peels itself open the longer you survive in a match.