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Anthem Act 1 Release Date | What’s coming in Act 1?

Anthem, the latest game from BioWare, is an incredibly fun loot shooter with Iron Man-like rocket armor, but it’s more than a little lacking in terms of content right now. That one of the missions charges you with getting a certain amount of melee kills suggested to players that maybe BioWare didn’t have a lot of its best content ready for release. Fortunately, the first proper content Act is coming soon, but what is the Anthem Act 1 release date?

We’ve got all the info there is right now about Anthem Act 1, including when we can expect it, what new missions we can expect, what special events will be coming to the game, whether any of it is available right now, and even when we should expect to see Anthem Act 2 and 3. There’s a lot to look forward to, so don’t hang up your Colossus just yet.

What is the Anthem Act 1 release date?

BioWare has released its big 90-day roadmap for Anthem, giving us a number of major details on the content coming to the game in the next few months. The first big additions will come with what BioWare is calling Anthem Act 1, also known as “Echoes of Reality.” This name presumably referrs to the Shaper relics encountered in the standard Anthem story, which are able to warp reality, but at the moment all they do is teleport in enemies to give players something to shoot.

Officially speaking, the Act Act 1 release date is March 2019, which is now. All through the month, and for the next few months too, Anthem will continuously update with new features, missions, events, and more, and they will all be part of Anthem‘s Act 1 content barrage. There is meant to be a patch for the game coming mid-March, around March 12, so that may include the promised new missions and continuation of the story. If not, expect the bigger stuff to launch later in March.

What is coming in Anthem Act 1?

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There is a lot of content planned for Anthem Act 1, even if we don’t know the full extent of it just yet, nor exactly when it’ll begin this month. The March updates are called “Evolving World,” and seem very much like a quick content update to give Anthem players something to do in March. There’ll be new Javelin cosmetics coming to the game, as well as unspecific “new items.” There will be a couple of new Freeplay events, as well as repeats of the events from the end of February. On the bright side, Act 1 will officially kick off with phase one of the Legendary Missions, which presumably continue after the game’s story and may be a little tougher than the missions we’ve gone on previously.

March: “Evolving World”

  • New cosmetics: Elysian Stronghold Caches
  • Rewards: New Items
  • New Missions: Legendary Missions Phase 1
  • Two New Freeplay Events
  • Freeplay Event: There Be Giants
  • Freeplay Event: Outlaw Outrage

April, on the other hand, will see Act 1 begin in earnest, with this phase titled “Stronger Together.” Aside from a repeat of the Shaper Surge Freeplay event and some more new items, everything here expands on Anthem significantly. A Mastery System will allow players to progress further, and presumably make major improvements and upgrades to their Javelins. There will be six new Freeplay events throughout the month, and one whole new Stronghold dungeon/raid for players to challenge themselves with. The next load of Legendary Missions will be added, presumably carrying on the story. Best of all, BioWare will be making big updates to the social side of Anthem, with Stronghold challenges, leaderboards, and even a Guild system all promised for April.

April: “Stronger Together”

  • Expanded Progression: Mastery System
  • Rewards: New Items
  • Six New Freeplay Events
  • Freeplay Event: Shaper Surge
  • New Missions: Legendary Missions Phase 2
  • New Stronghold: The Sunken
  • Social Play: Weekly Stronghold Challenge
  • Social Play: Leaderboards
  • Social Play: Guilds

May is the month we have the least amount of information about, but BioWare is hinting that some huge event is coming to the game. This month is dubbed “The Cataclysm” and, unlike the previous months, on the roadmap page it’s mostly illustrated by a large banner that reads “Cataclysm Starts!” Whatever this event is, presumably it’s going to be a big deal. The only additional details we know is that we’ll get new items, new missions, and a new freeplay event.

May: “The Cataclysm”

  • New Freeplay Event
  • New Missions
  • Rewards: New Items

What is available now?

With everyone anticipating the proper start of new content updates for the game and the Anthem Act 1 release date, the only parts of Act 1 to be released right now are three new Freeplay events. We’ve detailed the There Be Giants event and how to get through it previously, and there’s also Outlaw Outrage and Shaper Surge to take on, which will get repeated over the next couple of months if you miss them.

When will Anthem Act 2 and 3 start?

If The Cataclysm update comes in May, then if BioWare are keeping to the monthly schedule then Anthem Act 2 should arrive around June. It’s being teased with a picture of some Scar warriors, so we might get some expanded information on who these raiders we keep killing actually are. If the previous roadmap holds true for Act 2, and it gets three months of updates, then Anthem Act 3 may well arrive in September. This one is being teased with a mural of the Bastion ancestors freeing themselves from their alien overlords, so Act 3 may see them return, adding a new set of enemies to the game. We’ll find out in a few months.