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Metro Exodus PS4 Patch Notes | What’s in console update 1.03?

Metro Exodus is one of the best games of the year so far, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t do with an update or two to smooth out some issues players have been having with it since release. The PC version’s already had a big update, and now it’s time for the console versions. We’ve got the Metro Exodus PS4 patch notes below, with details on all the significant updates to the game. But is this the big patch 4A Games promised us?

Metro Exodus PS4 Patch Notes | Save backup system and more

A lot of the improvements in the Metro Exodus 1.03 console update focus mainly on general updates to various features. These include improvements to stability, input responsiveness, and “other general issues.” The developer has also fixed some problems with the saving system, including adding a save backup system for PS4. This is a feature of the PS4, which the game is now utilizing, which creates a restore point at the beginning of a level. If your savegame gets corrupted for any reason, you can still start at the beginning of a level rather than having to begin the whole game again. Handy.

Metro Exodus PS4 Patch Notes | Is this the big patch promised?

When the PC patch went live last week, 4A Games made an update about console patches and when players on PS4 and Xbox One should expect them. This patch is merely the first of two updates coming to the console versions of Metro Exodus, and it’s the smaller “hotfix” for the few improvements listed above. A larger patch to fix a much broader range of issues will appear later this month.

Metro Exodus PS4 Patch Notes | Is the update on Xbox One or PC too?

This particular patch is exclusive to consoles, meaning both PS4 and Xbox One. However, the “save backup system,” which is a major part of the patch, is not included in the Xbox One patch since it is a feature of the PS4 console itself. The PC already got a big update last week, and presumably there are more to come.