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Anthem Bricking Xbox | Is it safe to play Anthem on Xbox One?

The release of Anthem was plagued by numerous bugs and crashes, many of which have been addressed in recent updates, but some major problems remain. In particular, reports that Anthem forces PS4 consoles to shut down are still being investigated by BioWare and EA, after seemingly bricking some consoles. Now, fears of Anthem bricking Xbox consoles are leading some to question the potential damage from playing BioWare’s multiplayer shooter. Read on to find out is it safe to play Anthem on Xbox One?

Anthem Bricking Xbox | Is it safe to play Anthem on Xbox One?

Anthem Bricking Xbox

Anthem is liable to crash on any console, forcing you back to your home screen, but these crashes are unlikely to cause any wider damage. While the Xbox One has been susceptible to a number of bugs shared across consoles, there have been no reports of Anthem bricking Xbox consoles in the same way as on PS4. The problems seem to have arisen from the recent 1.04 patch update, but have not resulted in any reports of Xbox One consoles fully shutting down or requiring a restart in Safe Mode. As such, you can safely play Anthem on your Xbox One, without total fear of bricking your console.

For PS4 players, you might want to avoid playing Anthem until BioWare releases their solution for the crashes, or you risk bricking your console. If you’ve been affected by these crashes, this isn’t the end of the road for your console; our recent guide explains how to safely restart your console and get it running again. Of course, this requires rebuilding your PS4’s database, suggesting that the crash could be corrupting your PS4’s file management system. If this is the case, we definitely recommend waiting for BioWare’s bug fix, or your entire hard drive could be at risk of being wiped from the aftermath of the crash.