Anthem PS4 shut down crash being investigated by BioWare and Sony

BioWare and Sony are now investigating the Anthem PS4 shut down bug that has been affecting some players. Anthem players have been experiencing issues where the game would sometimes cause PS4 consoles to shut down randomly since launch.

BioWare’s head of live service Chad Robertson said the developer is now investigating the issue. Sony is working with BioWare to figure out the Anthem PS4 bug. EA acknowledged the crashing issue yesterday, but not solutions or reason for the bug have been announced.

Anthem players began experiencing the issue more than a week ago and went to internet forums to find help. Posts on Reddit, EA’s forums, and Twitter have circulated with fans having similar issues. Some players PS4 systems have been powering down while playing Anthem, others while matchmaking in the game, and some others just trying to close the game and return to the PS4 dashboard. Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller got hit by the system-crashing bug yesterday, tweeting about it while his PS4 was still in safe mode.

Although BioWare has yet to find a long-term solution to the bug, the community has been working to figure out ways to mitigate problems caused by the system crash. Several people who had experienced the bug thought their systems had been bricked were able to recover their systems. Others have managed to get their systems back online by unplugging and power cycling their system.

Anthem on PC and Xbox One have not experienced similar problems, so players on those systems have little to be concerned about. It’s unclear how widespread the Anthem PS4 shut down bug is, but it has affected a range of PS4 consoles from launch systems to near-new PS4 Pro consoles. No save information should be lost by the crash, as Anthem saves all player progress on EA’s servers.