Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error | Error code 3-0x00011000B explained

Uh-oh. What’s that Rainbow Six Siege server connection error message all about? Don’t worry, it’s nothing nefarious and, while the Rainbow Six Siege servers are down, it’s worth getting the lowdown on why you’re getting error code 3-0x00011000B during maintenance. Like most things, the Rainbow Six Siege server connection error can be explained away pretty easily, so we’ll do our best to dispel your fears down below.

Why am I seeing a Rainbow Six Siege server connection error message?

Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error

Simply put, the Rainbow Six Siege servers are down, presumably for maintenance. That’s why you’re seeing “The Rainbow Six servers are unreachable.”

Around the time of big updates, Ubisoft takes the game offline to roll out the patch. It’s happened recently with the Rainbow Six Siege 1.63 update, with an entire hour being devoted to downtime, and will happen again in future. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things. You definitely won’t need to reboot the internet, have a wired connection, hard console reset, or any of the other “fixes” you might stumble across.

However, you’ll be able to tell when the servers are due back up by heading on over to the official Rainbow Six Twitter account. If they’re tweeting about maintenance, then there’s a good chance you can put a timeframe on when you’ll be able to play Rainbow Six Siege again. If not? Then, well, it’s an impromptu outage. Again, nothing wrong on your end but, rather, it’s the game itself that is down.

What is error code 3-0x00011000B?

Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error

It may be a hugely complex set of digits on paper, but it’s just one of the most vanilla Rainbow Six Siege error codes. It just means that Ubisoft servers are down, either across several games or localized entirely within the infrastructure of Rainbow Six Siege. Again, check the game’s official channels, including the Twitter account above, for up-to-the-minute information on any servers going down or other unplanned outages.