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Destiny 2 Joker’s Wild The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon | How to complete The Stuff of Myth Triumph

Destiny 2 has just added a few new weapons as part of the Joker’s Wild DLC and the Season of the Drifter. These Pinnacle Weapons are fully masterworked weapons with curated rolls, so are extremely powerful and useful to get. We’ve already covered how to get the Oxygen SR3 and the 21% Delirium, now it’s time to get another Pinnacle Weapon: The Recluse submachine gun. Like the others it’s tough to get, but we’re here to show you how to get the Destiny 2 Joker’s Wild The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon by completing The Stuff of Myth Triumph.

Destiny 2 Joker’s Wild The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon | Get From the Mouths of Babes quest

In order to get The Recluse at all, you’ll have to get this particular quest with the Pinnacle Weapon as the reward in the first place. Head to the Tower in the Vanguard section, and talk to Lord Shaxx, who’s in his usual spot handing out Crucible challenges, if you’ve been to see him before. After chatting with him you’ll find a series of quests under “Pursuits.” You may have completed Redeployment and By Your Bootstraps already to get the Oxygen SR3 and 21% Delirium from the Drifter, but for The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon you’ll need to accept the quest called “From the Mouths of Babes.”

Destiny 2 Joker’s Wild The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon | The Stuff of Myth Triumph

Destiny 2 pain and guilt

Sadly enough, Lord Shaxx won’t give you any information at all about these quests, and a description of the mission itself merely tells you that you’ll need to complete The Stuff of Myth Triumph, not what you need to do to complete it. You’ll have to find out yourself in the Triumphs menu by examine the parts associated with Crucible mode, under Glory Ranks, and look up The Stuff of Myth here. You’ll find you’ll have to complete the following tasks to get this Triumph:

  • Win matches in the Crucible.
  • Reach Fabled rank.

Yes, you’ll be playing a lot of the Crucible PvP mode to get this Triumph. Here’s how to complete both.

How to win enough matches in the Crucible mode

This sounds like a simple request, until you realize just how much work you’re going to have to put into accomplishing this. The details about the Triumph don’t offer any specific number of wins, just a percentage. Winning a normal, regular match of Crucible will increase it by 1 percent. While matches in the Iron Banner and the Competitive playlists will give you a little bit more, you can expect to have to play, and most importantly win, 100 matches in Crucible PvP to complete this. Put a decent Fireteam together and get grinding. However, don’t worry about it too much, since you’ll probably do it as part of the next task anyway.

How to reach Fabled rank in Crucible mode

There are six ranks in Crucible, starting in Guardian and ending in Legend. They go in this order:

  • Guardian
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Fabled
  • Mythic
  • Legend

Obviously you don’t need to worry about the last two, since you only need to get to Fabled rank in order to accomplish this part of The Stuff of Myth Triumph’s tasks. As you play and win Crucible matches, each one will get added to your Glory rank. The only way to increase your rank is to play and win Iron Banner matches or play as part of the Crucible PvP Competitive playlists.

The bad news is that losing matches will actually lose you points, so you’ll have to work even harder to increase your rank. The good news is that going up a rank will grant you a package, so you’ll get rewards out of it other than just the hope of reaching Fabled and completing the Triumph. Unfortunately, completing this task is simply a matter of playing Crucible PvP a lot, and having a strong Fireteam to take on all opponents.

Once you’ve reached Fabled, you’ll almost certainly have also completed the first task too, so the Stuff of Myth Triumph should be complete. Head back to Lord Shaxx to turn in the From the Mouths of Babes quest and get your hands on The Recluse SMG at last.

Destiny 2 The Recluse Pinnacle Weapon stats

The Recluse is a Legendary/Energy  Submachine Gun that deals Void damage and uses Primary ammo.

The Recluse’s stats are:

  • Impact: 15
  • Range: 46
  • Stability: 56
  • Handling: 67
  • Reload Speed: 35
  • Rounds per Minute: 900
  • Magazine: 36

Its intrinsic perk is:

  • Lightweight Frame: Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.

Its intrinsic traits are:

  • Feeding Frenzy: Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time.
  • Master of Arms: Kills with any weapon improve this weapon’s damage for a short time.

Here’s its unique lore entry:

My bite will turn your sweet flesh to vile rot.

An arrow whined out of nowhere. It drove through his shoulder, penetrating his armor as though it were paper, not plasteel.

No enemies on his tracker. So then where—

The second arrow hit harder than the first: straight through his other shoulder, skewering the joint. He twisted his head, saw the arrowhead protruding through his pauldron, chuckled humorlessly, looked through the trees. The asteroids of the Reef did not afford many hiding places, even those which had been terraformed to support plants and animals, so the shooter had to be—

The third arrow penetrated his thigh. He laughed aloud.

“Transmat?” his Ghost suggested, a quiet voice in his mind.

“No. They started this. I’ll finish it.”

Unable to lift any of his own weapons in defense, concerned that he might compromise his Ghost if he made any attempt to heal himself with the Light, Lord Shaxx began to limp toward the shooter’s likeliest vantage.

This was the work of a ballista, he supposed. Dark Age weaponry. Nothing else could hit so hard.

As he tottered along, an Awoken woman in the near distance seemed to rise from the forest floor. She cast aside her camouflage and stood straight. He stopped to gawk. She was as tall as he was, if not taller. Her bow (just a bow! an ordinary bow!) was certainly taller.

“You’re trespassing on Awoken territory, Guardian,” she called to him. “Declare yourself.”

“Who are you?” he asked, astounded.

“I am the Queen’s Wrath. Declare yourself. I will not ask again.” She raised her bow, drawing it to its full capacity.

He watched in amazement. It was just a bow. And she was just an ordinary Awoken woman! And yet! “You are a tempest,” he replied humbly.

In the next instant, she killed him.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship.