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The Division 2 Level Up Fast | Fast leveling XP guide

The initial The Division 2 grind towards level 30 (the level cap) can be a tedious task, if you haven’t optimized the rate at which you earn XP, and haven’t prioritized the tasks which offer the most experience. If you’re rushing to be endgame or World Tier 5 ready, then you want to fast leveling guide. What’s more, if you’re too low a level, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by enemies that just won’t die. Even when you focus on wholly on main missions, to get the story out of the way with, you’ll likely face issues. A The Division 2 level up fast is what you need, so read on for the need-to-know tips on how to earn XP quickly.

The Division 2 Fast Leveling | XP boost Perks

The Division 2 Level Up Fast

Another great tip for leveling up fast in The Division 2 is to invest SHD Tech Points in the Accolade Perks. This set of Perks is super cheap and can be purchased in the first few hours of playing. Buy them as soon as possible to enjoy the maximum benefit. You get additional XP for headshots, multi-kills, hitting weakpoints, and other tasks that you will be repeating over and over again anyway. Might as well get the bonus XP for it!

The Perks you are looking to pick up are: Headshot Accolade, Multi-kill Accolade, Weakpoints Accolade, Tactical Kill Accolade, and Survivor. Note that the latter, Survivor, does reward you for staying alive for a long amount of time. Try to avoid dying, whether in a solo or group, and you’ll start to earn more experience. Die, and that progress will reset.

The Division 2 Fast Leveling | XP boost Mods

The Division 2 Level Up Fast

As you earn rarer weapons, you’ll notice that Weapon mods become available. These give your guns and gear special enhancements that can really help them become more effective. What’s more, you can also unlock XP Boost mods, which reward additional XP for kills and other actions. These should be made a priority if you are looking to level up fast in The Division 2.

We unlocked our first XP Boost mod when Superior loot started dropping, so keep an eye out when the purples start to fall!

Of course, there is a trade-off here, in that you’ll be swapping out Perks that make your weapons more powerful, for XP boosts, so if you do end up struggling in combat, perhaps consider disabling the XP boosting Perks until the battle is won.

The Division 2 Fast Leveling | Save side missions for later

The Division 2 Level Up Fast

While it may seem obvious to those who played the first game, side missions in The Division 2 aren’t really that optional. While, yes, you can miss some out, to level up enough to be able to survive the next story mission, you’ll often feel the need to complete the occasional “side” mission. So, if you’re puzzled as to why, despite completing all main mission so far, you are too low a level for the next main mission, well that’s because the developers expect you to level up elsewhere.

However, it’s important to note that side missions award 33 percent of the XP required to level up to the next rank, meaning the longer you wait to complete side missions, the more XP that they will reward you with. Side missions that you avoid completing when you are rank 20, for example, which would normally give you 33 percent of the XP needed to reach 21, will be more useful when you are, for example, 27 looking to become 28.

The Division 2 Fast Leveling | Complete Control Points

The Division 2 Level Up Fast

Now that you know about leaving side missions well alone until you absolutely feel you must play them, you’ll be looking for other ways to rank up in order to stand a chance in main missions. Thankfully, the Control Point events are replayable missions that give a generous amount of XP in a relatively short space of time.

Control Points task players with defending an area from incoming waves of enemies, which usually ends with a boss character. To help even the odds, you can use a flare to call in AI reinforcements.

If you win the battle, you’ll get your XP, as well as access to a loot room.

The Division 2 Fast Leveling | Collectible XP Reward

The Division 2 Level Up Fast

Be sure to keep your eye out for collectibles in The Division 2. Not only do they provide more backstory to what led to this post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., but they also grant a small amount of XP. Though it may seem insignificant upon collecting one of these collectibles, they soon stack up, and can help push you over the edge from one level to the next.

Collectibles can be found all over Washington D.C., including at the White House Base of Operations. Keep your eyes peeled for any blue items and pick them up.

The Division 2 Fast Leveling | Complete Projects

The Division 2 Level Up Fast

Projects act like bounties in other loot shooters, with you tasked with donating certain items to a Settlements, or by completing certain side missions and other objectives. These are relatively easy to do, requiring minimum effort, and reward players with a decent chunk of XP.

An important tip to note when trying to complete Projects, is to check them before deconstructing or selling loot, as many of the objectives require you to donate specific types of gear. So seemingly obsolete equipment can actually have a significant use.

To level up fast in The Division 2, you’ll want to ensure that you are constantly completing Projects. You’ll gain new Projects as you access new Settlements, so be sure to keep checking in with the relevant contact.

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