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The Division 2 Hyenas Key Locations | Where to find Hyenas Keys

After bumping into a mysterious Hyenas chest, you’ll no doubt be wondering where The Division 2 Hyenas Key locations are exactly. While you might be expecting the keys to be dropped by members of the Hyena faction, as that would make a lot of sense, the keys are most easily found somewhere deep below ground. Read on for details on where to find Hyenas Keys.

The Division 2 Hyenas Key Locations

The Division 2 Hyenas Key Locations

As mentioned above, The Division 2 Hyenas Key locations are most easily found beneath the ground. More specifically, you’ll be looking to enter the Underground. This can be entered by heading directly south of the White House, though there are many other entrances scattered about the map.

See the image below for an easily accessible Underground Entrance. There are few enemies surrounding it, so it provides a very convenient entry point.

The Division 2 Hyenas Key Locations

Once you have descended down the ladder into the Underground area, you’ll be hunting for a cupboard as seen in the image above. Keep your eyes peeled, as the darkness can make it tricky to spot them. Keep searching until you spot one, then simply loot it to get a Hyenas Key. Now you can head back to the Hyenas crate and unlock it.

If you’re struggling to find a Hyenas Key, try checking locked doors for areas that can be shot. Some entrances require a bullet to open. Keep moving and you should find a key.

The Division 2 Hyenas Key Locations | What is inside the Hyenas crate?

The Division 2 Hyenas Key Locations

After all that running around, you’re probably hoping for some epic loot from the Hyenas crate. Well, upon opening our crates, we got some normal loot and rare resources. Not terrible, but not exactly an upgrade. Perhaps you’ll be luckier!

If you run out of keys, be sure to make a mental (or physical) note of where you spotted Hyenas crates. Every little helps when it comes to surviving in this post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., even if all the loot ends up getting dismantled!