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Fortnite Hamster Ball | What is the Baller Vehicle and Charger?

If Fortnite wasn’t already absurd enough for you, soon players will be able to drive around the map in a Fortnite hamster ball. Following hints last month that a new single-seater vehicle would be coming to the game, Epic has now revealed the new vehicle to be called The Baller, although further details on the vehicle’s release date and stats are currently scarce. From what we can see, the hamster ball will be armed with some sort of grappler weapon. Read on to find out what is the Baller vehicle and charger?

Fortnite Hamster Ball | What is the Baller Vehicle and Charger?

Fortnite Hamster Ball

The Fortnite Hamster Ball hasn’t yet got a firm release date, but we can expect to see it in the next patch, potentially as early as this week. We do know that the Baller vehicle has enough space for a single person, and has some sort of weaponized grappler attached, which could act in the same manner as Overwatch‘s Wrecking Ball character. In addition, Twitter user and dataminer Lucas7yoshi_ uncovered game files for a related charger, indicating that the Fortnite hamster ball vehicle could have a limited power supply that can be replenished using these charging bases.

As such, you likely won’t be able to travel long distances in the vehicle, but it could give you enough speed and armor to evade enemies. It’s unclear if the Fortnite hamster ball vehicle has any role in the current Pirate-themed event for Season 8, but fans have been asking for a new single-seater vehicle for months. The new hamster ball vehicle looks strangely similar to the Jurassic Park vehicles we’ve seen in more recent sequels. The real problem with the Baller vehicle is, Epic was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.