Overwatch’s Hammond Live Release Date is Revealed, Coming Next Week

As Overwatch would say, beware of small mammals. That’s right folks, Overwatch’s Hammond Live release date has just been announced. Console players will now have a reason to rejoice next week, as our favorite hamster ever is rolling his way onto the popular team-FPS on the 24th of July. It’s been a long time coming, and even though the little guy looks to be getting nerfed, we’re certain console fans won’t mind as long as they get to play him.

While those who are into the ‘lore’ of Overwatch may already know a lot about Hammond, others may not be so lucky. Hammond, also known as Wrecking Ball, was also part of the experiments that were taking place in Horizon Lunar Colony along with Winston, and, like Winston, managed to escape when the colony was overrun by angry apes. Since then, Hammond has been traveling around Earth with his trusty escape pod as his very own hamster wheel and robot fighter. He has even taken part in fighting competitions in Junkertown, because why not?

Even if you don’t know about Hammond’s backstory, there’s a lot to love about the little guy. He’s super cute for one, just look at that little skip jump. We’re sure it brings joy to even the coldest of hearts. Take a look at it for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

If that doesn’t make you feel warm and happy inside, we don’t know what will.

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