Overwatch Hammond Skins, Sprays, Achievements, and More Revealed on the PTR

As was revealed a few weeks ago, Wrecking Ball, better known as Hammond, is Overwatch‘s newest hero. Even though he has been playable for some time on the Public Test Region on the PC, all of the Overwatch Hammond skins, sprays, highlight intros, emotes, and achievements remained a mystery. However, everything was revealed today on the PTR following a livestream detailing the genetically enhanced hamster’s design.

Reddit user Scrungi has compiled an album with all of the skins and YouTube channel Overwatch Central uploaded a video showcasing all of Hammond’s cosmetics. The legendary skins show us a first look at how he looked on the Horizon Lunar Colony as well as in Junkertown, where he earned his Wrecking Ball nickname. Both are focal points of his animated origin cinematic.

The sprays give us a look at Hammond’s achievements and trophies. Strike tasks you with rolling through five players in two seconds while Adaptation unlocks once the player has absorbed 1,500 damage with his adaptive shield without dying. These achievements also yield sprays when accomplished.

In addition to revealing Hammond’s skins and cosmetics, Blizzard’s artists also held a livestream detailing his design as well as their philosophy behind making skins. Lead Concept Artist Ben Zhang described how the hamster made them slightly deviate from their normal process of creating skins.

“A lot of times when we are making the skin we are always thinking about ‘How do we make them cool? How do we make them different?” he explained. “It’s a little bit different for Hammond. This time we were thinking about let us do him a little bit differently. Let us do something more solid that we can rip from his origin story.”

While other heroes have skins from their backstory, all of Hammond’s legendary skins are either from his Junkertown phase or time aboard the moon base. Hammond and his skins will most likely hit the live servers on PC and consoles within the next few weeks.