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Apex Legends NPCS | Are AI enemies being added?

Since Apex Legends released, developer Respawn has promised new updates and content to come, and recent leaks suggest that AI enemies are already in the works. Datamining of the game files has revealed that previously reported evidence of Apex Legends NPCs are still in development, suggesting that players could soon encounter enemies that aren’t controlled by other people. This could be part of a new game mode, in response to fans’ demands for solo and duos modes, or part of a new in-game event or story featuring NPCs. Read on to find out are AI enemies being added in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends NPCS | Are AI enemies being added?

Apex Legends NPCs

The potential for Apex Legends NPCs is not the greatest surprise, given developer Respawn’s history with critically acclaimed story-modes in the Titanfall series, and could be designed to set up the launch of the third game in the series. Of course, we’ve already seen some form of NPCs in the Apex Legends tutorial, which could be the basis for future NPCs to be built upon. Given the wealth of evidence leaked by Twitter user and dataminer RealApexLeaks, it seems that these AI-driven characters are in development for the game. Likewise, considering that these NPCs have scripts to enable them in combat against human players, it’s likely that AI enemies are coming to Apex Legends.

RealApexLeaks has previously revealed the new weapons HAVOC and L-Star before they were formally announced, so their leaks in regards to AI NPCs are more trustworthy given this history. Of course, it’s also important to note that despite these insinuations, Respawn might have no plans to introduce these AI enemies into Apex Legends, and there’s no indication of when these NPCs might be introduced. With other Apex Legends players reaching as many as 36 kills in a single match, let’s hope that these AI enemies will be easier to kill.