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The Division 2 Unlock Time | When can I pre-load and start playing early?

The answer to when you can start playing The Division 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with digital pre-orders is less than straightforward. The Division 2 unlock time in the US and the UK covers multiple time zones, platforms, and even game versions. That’s why we’ve distilled everything you need to know when it comes to unlock times and even Division 2 pre-load info in to one handy-to-use guide to accompany you in the small wee hours. Here’s what time you can start playing The Division 2 tonight on release day, no matter if you’re in the Eastern time zone, PDT, or GMT.

The Division 2 Unlock Time (Early Access)

the division 2 unlock time

If you own the Gold or Ultimate Edition on Xbox One or PS4 (and therefore have early access to The Division 2), then things are pretty simple: you will be able to play the game at midnight in your time zone. In New York? That’s 12 AM Eastern. California? 12 AM Pacific. London? 12 AM GMT. And so on.

For uPlay users on PC, it’s a little more confusing. Because of course it is. We’ll rundown the three main time zones that players will be concerned with: Eastern, Pacific, and GMT (UK) times.

  • Eastern: 1 AM EDT on March 12
  • Pacific: 10 PM PDT on March 12
  • GMT: 11 PM GMT on March 11

Got that? Phew.

The Division 2 Unlock Time (Standard Edition)

the division 2 unlock time

At least The Division 2 unlock time for those opting to stay with the Standard Edition on the March 15 launch day have things a little simpler. What’s that, they don’t? Oh, great.

The Xbox unlock time is the same no matter where you are: midnight in your local timezone on March 15.

The Division 2 unlock time for PS4 differs from region to region. Again, we’ll go through Eastern, Pacific, and GMT for you.

  • Eastern: 12 AM EDT on March 15
  • Pacific: 9 PM PDT on March 15
  • GMT: 11 PM GMT on March 15

For PC it’s even more varied. Those on the Eastern time zone won’t be able to play The Division 2 until 1 AM Eastern on March 15. For those on the West Coast, it’s 10 PM Pacific, and if you’re in the UK it’s 11 PM GMT on March 15.

When can I pre-load The Division 2 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4?

the division 2 unlock time

If you own any edition of The Division 2 on either Xbox One or PC you can start pre-loading The Division 2 now.

For those on PS4? I’m so sorry, but it’s another confuse-o-thon.

If you own the Gold or Ultimate Edition in the US on PS4, then you can start pre-loading now.

For the Standard Edition in the US, there’s a pre-load time on 12 AM Eastern on March 13. That’s 9 PM Pacific on March 12.

In the UK you can pre-load now, no matter your platform.

You can find out about The Division 2 unlock times in other regions via the Ubisoft site.