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The Division 2 Armored Enemies | Fast way to kill

The Division 2 armored enemies are back in the sequel to Ubisoft’s action-adventure third-person shooter. After receiving criticism for how these were handled in the first game, armored enemies have been given an overhaul, which means there’s a fast way to kill them in the latest release. Find out what’s new with The Division 2 armored enemies with our help.

The Division 2 Armored Enemies | What are they?

division 2 armored enemies plates tougher

The Division 2 armored enemies are well, opponents that wear armor. As such, they are much harder to bring down as you’ll need to take their armor plating off first to get at their squishy centers.

They will take longer to take out due to this but, luckily for you, we have provided some handy tips below on how best to tackle them when you cross their paths.

The Division 2 Armored Enemies | Fast way to kill

division 2 armored enemies fast way to kill

The Division 2 armored enemies have been overhauled after Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment received backlash from the community for how they were handled in the previous game. Players were critical of these opponents being “bullet sponges,” so they’ve been adjusted to provide for what should feel like more balanced opposition.

Each armored enemy has a number of plates that have different durability and that cover specific areas of their body. These include helmets, chest plates, forearm covers, and leg plates. As a result, armored foes are tougher to take down than before, but you do have an advantage due to this redesign.

Players can and should concentrate fire on a specific plate until it drops off. This allows you to target the person underneath, and deal damage to them personally. For example, you and your fellow agents could target a lower leg plate until it breaks apart. You can then shoot your enemy’s leg, which forces them to stumble and kneel due to the damage you inflict.

This leaves them more vulnerable to attack whether by a melee takedown or targeting another weak area and gives you the advantage in any fight.