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The Division 2 Signature Weapons | How to unlock

You may be wondering what the deal is with The Division 2 signature weapons. Fear not, reader, for we come with an explanation as to what they are, and how to unlock the grenade launcher and crossbow in The Division 2. Read our Division 2 signature weapons guide for all you need to know.

The Division 2 Signature Weapons | What are they?

The Division 2 Signature Weapons specializations endgame

The Division 2 signature weapons are special items that you can unlock once you reach the title’s Endgame. You access this after you complete the story campaign and, once you do, you will have the chance to unlock what’s known as specializations.

Specilizations are unique playing profiles that you can unlock that grant specific abilities, weapons, and more. You can read more about them in our Division 2 specializations guide. This gives you the full rundown on how to unlock these specific profiles, and what loot you can expect to receive when you get them.

The Division 2 Signature Weapons | How to unlock

The Division 2 Signature Weapons unlock

Once you reach the Endgame, The Division 2 signature weapons will be available to you. You will have the option to choose between three specializations and, depending on which one you pick, you’ll be granted one of these weapons.

The three signature weapons in the Endgame are the Tac-50 C Sniper, Grenade Launcher, and Crossbow. These will be your go-to weapons for the specialization that you decide upon once the main campaign ends, though you can swap specializations (and the specialist weapons) at the base of operations.

If you regularly play with a certain group, it will be beneficial for each agent to specialize in a different category so you have a full range of weapons and a balanced squad. Finally, other specializations will be brought to The Division 2 in the game’s DLC. These will come with their own unique signature weapon too, so you will have the opportunity to try out other play styles and guns in the months that follow.

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