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The Division 2 Gear Brands | Bonuses, play styles, and more

The Division 2 gear Brands are specific additions to your gear that grant you certain bonuses. They are unique to individual play styles too, depending on your loadouts. Find out everything worth knowing about The Division 2 gear Brands with our guide.

The Division 2 Gear Brands | What are they?

The Division 2 Gear Brands support assault

The Division 2 gear Brands differ from gear sets. While you need a full set to unlock certain boosts for the latter, gear Brands give you an immediate bonus to your weapons of choice.

This allows you some flexibility in what Brands to use, and how to best implement them based on how you want to play. If you’re a sniper, a medic, or a run-and-gun type player, there are Brands for everyone to enjoy.

You receive additional bonuses for similar Brands too  up to a maximum of three, that is  and, don’t worry, you won’t need to wait to use them. Gear Brands are available at launch, so see which ones will work best for you by reading below.

The Division 2 Gear Brands | Play styles

The Division 2 Gear Brands vanguard marksman

If you want to see which Division 2 gear Brands you’ll get based on your play style, you’re in the right place. We’ve listed them below, so you’ll have a good idea of how you’ll play when the game’s released on March 15.

Vanguard Brands

  • Golan Gear  +10% Hazard Protection, +10% Protection form Elites, +8% Total Armor
  • Gila Guard  +5% Total Armor, +20% Hazard Protection, +15% Pulse Skill power
  • Richter and Kaiser GmbH  +10% Hazard Protection, +20% Pistol Damage, +15% Shield Skill power

Assault Brands

  • China Light Industries  +10% Explosives Damage, +10% Shotgun Damage, +10% Cool Down Reduction
  • Fenris Group AB  +10% Protection form Elites, +10% Assault Rifle Damage, +20% Health on Kill
  • Ceska Vyroba s.r.o  +10% Health on Kill, +10% Shotgun Damage, +15% Health

Marksman Brands

  • Alraldi Holdings  +10% Marksman Rifle Damage, +10% Headshot Damage, +10% Accuracy
  • Wyvern Wear  +7% Critical Hit Damage, +15% Drone Skill power, +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Douglas & Harding  +10% Cool Down Reduction, +5% Skill power, +15% Hive Skill power

Support Brands

  • Petrov Defense Group  +10% LMG Damage, +15% Turret Skill power, +10% Cool Down Reduction
  • Grupo Sombra S.A  +15% Hazard Protection, +5% Weapon Damage, +8% Damage to Elites
  • Alps Summit Armament  +10% Cool Down Reduction, +5% Skill power, +15% Hive Skill power