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The Division 2 Nintendo Switch release date | Is The Division 2 coming to Switch?

A The Division 2 Switch release is something fans are clamoring for. It seems like a huge question whenever a game comes out is when the Switch release date is going to be. People obviously love the portability of Nintendo’s console, but it lacks the horsepower to run many of today’s biggest games. However, many studios have been able to work some magic to fit their AAA productions on the Switch.

So what’s the story with a The Division 2 Switch release? We’ll tell you all we know below.

Is The Division 2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

The first game in the series didn’t make it onto Switch. That’s not surprising since it was released before the Switch hit the market. Concerning The Division 2, though, things are a bit murkier.

As far as we’ve seen, Ubisoft hasn’t flat out denied that The Division 2 will ever come to Nintendo Switch. However, seeing as it has had performance issues at launch for at least one platform, we’re skeptical it’ll ever run smooth enough on the Switch to be an enjoyable experience.

We have seen a game using the same engine as The Division 2 on Switch, though. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle uses the Snowdrop Engine and performs rather well on the console. Of course, on paper Mario + Rabbids and The Division 2 are apples and oranges, but at least there’s a precedent for the engine being compatible with the Switch.

As it stands, if The Division 2 were to come to Nintendo Switch it would more than likely be in some sort of cloud version. That would bypass the need to optimize the game for the Switch, a task that is likely to be herculean. Instead, it could just stream to the handheld and actually be run on a cloud server. Although there are latency issues that come with that method, it would likely be preferable to the low framerate and resolution that would come with a native Switch version of the game.