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Star Wars Battlefront 2 New Mode | Everything we know about Titan mode

Star Wars Battlefront 2 may be over a year old, yet even with EA DICE’s latest game Battlefield 5 drawing away support, the publisher’s latest Star Wars game still continues to get major updates. The developer has just added Anakin Skywalker to the game as part of the big Chosen One update, and there’ll be a brand new Infiltrator class of Reinforcement coming soon, but all of this pales in comparison to a Star Wars Battlefront 2 new mode.

There’s a brand new mode for Star Wars Battlefront 2 coming this month, but while it’s just a couple of weeks away, we still don’t know much about it. There are hints and rumors, however, and a few things the developers themselves have said that allows us to deduce what the mode will be like. So what do we know about this new mode? What will it play like? When’s it coming out, exactly? We’ll do our best to answer.

How do we know about the Star Wars Battlefront 2 new mode?

We should start with perhaps the most important question: how do we know there’s a brand new game mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 at all? Fortunately, our information for this comes directly from the developer itself. The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Roadmap for this month has been updated, and March is simply referred to as “new game mode.” The last big mode added to the game was Ewok Hunt, and that was almost a year ago, so this is a pretty big deal for players. Between the various points on the roadmap, such as new pajamas for Count Dooku (er, okay, thank you EA DICE), you’ll see the new mode described as “capture points and capital ships.” What could that mean?

What will the new mode be?

At the moment, the only real information officially released by EA DICE regarding the new game mode is just what we mentioned above, from the roadmap, where it describes the new mode’s objectives as capturing points and capital ships. However, the roadmap also notes that there will be Capital Ship Interiors added this month, which suggests that the new mode will allow us to either land on, or at least enter, the bigger starships as part of the new mode. The first of these two capital ship interiors is a Venator-class Star Destroyer, which is the earlier Destroyer type seen in the Clone Wars show and Revenge of the Sith. The other capital ship is a Dreadnought, presumably the First Order Dreadnought seen at the start of The Last Jedi, and was described as a “fleet killer” by Poe Dameron.

A few months ago, there was a leak of a new large-scale game mode potentially coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2, simply called “Titan.” This is presumably the game mode coming this month, and the name would certainly tally with what we would imagine the mode would play like, based on the little information released. Presumably the name “Titan mode” is just a temporary codename, because there’s already a Titan mode in EA DICE’s other game Battlefield, and it offers a good indication of what this new mode could be like, and how it would play.

What is Titan mode and how does it play?

Titan mode first appeared in Battlefield 2142, which was EA DICE’s previous foray into futuristic warfare, so that’s appropriate. It eventually returned in the Naval Strike expansion for Battlefield 4, where it was re-imagined and called Carrier Assault. Battlefield 2142‘s Titan mode refers to the giant warships that float above the battlefield. The objective of the attacking side is to destroy these warships by several means, and the defensive side, of course, has to prevent their destruction. There are two methods to destroy the Titans: either by boarding the ships and disabling the central core, or by taking control of missile silos on the ground and shooting it out of the sky. There are several objectives along the way, and it makes for a tense and exciting battle.

You can check out a tutorial video about the Titan mode if you wish, which will probably give you a good indication on how the Star Wars Battlefront 2 version will play. It’s entirely possible that players will be attacking from the ground, and either trying to board the capital ships or take them out from the ground, perhaps with Ion Cannons. However, the more Star Wars-like would be to have all this in space, with players flying over to a capital ship, landing, and trying to take it out. This would be similar to the ship combat mode from Pandemic’s original Star Wars Battlefront II in 2005, and players would certainly appreciate the throwback.

When can we expect the Star Wars Battlefront 2 new mode?

Previously, the only piece of information regarding the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 game mode was that it would be released this month, March 2019, which was confirmed by the updated roadmap. However, in the community update that introduced the new Reinforcement type, it mentioned that the new Infiltrator class of soldier would be available alongside the new game mode. It also notes that this new game mode will drop in two weeks’ time on March 26. The next community update will detail the mode more completely, so whether it’s still called Titan mode, or something more Star Wars-y (Capital Assault? First Assault? Rogue Squadron?), we’ll know sometime between now and the end of this month.