Box art - Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo Reach PC | When does Halo Reach come to MCC?

After months, if not years, of rumors, this week Microsoft at last confirmed that the Halo Master Chief Collection will at last be coming to PC. Excitingly for both Halo fans on PC and current owners of the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, the publisher also revealed that Bungie’s final Halo game, Halo Reach, would also be coming to the collection. So, when does Halo Reach come to MCC? When will the Halo Reach PC version get released, and therefore the start of the whole collection? We’ll do our best to answer.

When does Halo Reach come to MCC?

Halo Reach will come to the Xbox One version of the Halo Master Chief Collection at the same time as it launches on PC. Despite Microsoft and 343 Industries’ plans to release the PC version of the Master Chief Collection episodically, in a staggered release schedule, Halo Reach is planned as the first game. Therefore, Xbox One and PC versions will launch at the same time. Microsoft has confirmed that this will happen this year, so Halo Reach will come to the MCC in 2019, but other than that it has not be specific. The publisher may announce it at SXSW between March 15-17 however, where it was originally supposed to have announced the PC release and Halo Reach. We’ll see.

What will the Halo Reach PC version be like?

The PC version of Halo Reach, and the Master Chief Collection PC port as a whole, will come with all the features and upgrades PC players expect. As Microsoft said during the reveal, it plans to give “a real PC experience that delivers on PC gamer expectations.” This will include mouse and keyboard support (with the ability to rebind all controls), 4K and multi-resolutions, a Field of View (FoV) slider, adjustable framerates, and more. It will be available on both Microsoft Store and Steam. When it will release, however, is another matter entirely.