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The Division 2 Double XP Event | Are there Double Field Proficiency Caches?

Leveling up in The Division 2 is key to progressing in the story missions, but moreover grants access to a random assortment of items in a Field Proficiency Cache every time you level up. However, completing every side quest that comes along can tiresome at best. There are, of course, faster ways to level up than usual, but The Division 2 Double XP event could speed up this process even faster. The Double Field Proficiency Caches first appeared in the original game, and could feature in a future world event in The Division 2. Read on to find out if The Division 2 Double XP events will be coming to the game.

The Division 2 Double XP Event | Are there Double Field Proficiency Caches?

The Division 2 Double Xp Event

Double Field Proficiency Caches were introduced during limited-time world events in the original The Division, allowing players to gather double the rewards when they leveled up. The same leveling system is being utilized in The Division 2, with players unlocking a single Field Proficiency Cache every time they level up, granting access to a random assortment of items. While technically not granting double XP, players were rewarded with double the rewards from leveling up, including past the level cap at level 30.

With a current level cap at level 30 for the main campaign, and a lack of announcements surrounding post-launch content in The Division 2, it’s not yet clear if players will be able to progress past level 30 in the sequel. Accordingly, Ubisoft has not yet announced any Double XP events, but their popularity in the original game intimates that they could be introduced around the same time as future DLC, rewarding players with double Field Proficiency Caches every time they level-up. Alternatively, if you’re more focused on getting more Perks in The Division 2 earn SHD Tech Points faster, there are ways to than normal, using side missions to your advantage.