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Anthem Servers Down | Server shutdown maintenance end time

An Anthem servers down announcement has been made by EA. The game’s publisher has revealed that server shutdown maintenance is due to occur on Tuesday, March 19, as well as when its start and end time will be. Learn more about why the Anthem servers are down with our help.

Anthem Servers Down | Maintenance start and end time

anthem servers down

In a tweet posted on the official EA Help Twitter account, the RPG shooter’s publisher revealed when the Anthem servers downtime would occur.

Freelancers will want to know that this is schedule to take place on Tuesday, March 19. The servers will be shutdown at 7 AM CT (8 AM ET, 5 AM PT, and 12 PM GMT) and should be back up for 9 AM CT (10 AM ET, 7 AM PT, and 2 PM GMT).

Be aware that this server maintenance may take a bit longer than the two-hour slot announced by EA, so don’t fret if you can’t play Anthem as soon as the supposed end time rolls around.

Anthem Servers Down | Why have they been shut down?

anthem servers down

The Anthem servers down announcement is likely to be because BioWare and EA want to further stabilise and tweak how their servers work. The game’s latest patch  the 1.05 update  was released on Tuesday, March 12 in a bid to resolve plenty of issues that had affected the title since its launch.

A loot update also dropped, if you pardon the pun, on Friday, March 15. This brought significant changes to loot rate drops and other things, which we’ve already covered in this guide.

BioWare and EA will want to put an end to the server instability, glitches, and other problems that have plagued Anthem since its full release on February 22. This scheduled downtime will help with this, and hopefully provide them with some relief to the negativity that has been aimed at them by the fanbase.

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