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Red Dead Online Spring Update | Hostility system, new missions, and more

Rockstar Games has revealed some tasty information about the Red Dead Online Spring update. Due to arrive later in the year, the patch will bring new elements to the online multiplayer game such as a hostility system, new missions, and more. See what’s coming with our Red Dead Online Spring update guide.

Red Dead Online Spring Update | Hostility system

Red Dead Online Spring Update

First up for the Red Dead Online Spring update is the announcement of a hostility system. Billed as an extension to the anti-griefing measures already in place, this feature will recognize when players are being openly hostile to each other or when someone is being picked on.

The hostility system is designed to help players have a more immersive experience in the Wild West, particularly during confrontations and PvP modes. The “smarter and more responsive features” that the hostility system employs will allow players to defend themselves from attack from other players without receiving a bounty or increasing their own hostility meter.

This stops those being attacked from being treated as enemies by other players on the map, with attackers now being the only people who are marked as enemies. Players won’t see increases to their hostilty meters if they attack and kill enemies either, which is a nice touch.

Finally, hostility increases won’t affect players taking part in events such as Free Roam missions, Showdowns, and Races. Players who do attack others who are not taking part in these structured events, however, will incur hostility level increases.

Red Dead Online Spring Update | Different playstyle options

Red Dead Online Spring Update

The Red Dead Online Spring update also brings changes for those who want to experience a more passive version of the game’s world. Rockstar will introduce Offensive and Defensive playstyle modes for those who wish to engage in all types of PvP and confrontation modes as well as those who wish to be left well alone.

The Defensive playstyle option ensures that players cannot be lassoed by others, cannot be locked on by other people’s weapons, and cannot lock onto others themselves. You can still be targeted and shot at using free aim, but you won’t be critically hurt or killed by, say, a headshot. Instead, you can either run away in Defensive mode or defend yourself using the hostility system.

Bear in mind that if you lasso or shoot at another player while in Defensive mode, you’ll be removed from this version and your hostility level will increase. Rockstar will reveal more about Defensive mode later down the road.

Red Dead Online Spring Update | LeMat revolver

Red Dead Online Spring Update

A classic Red Dead Redemption weapon will wing its way into the Red Dead Online Spring update, too. The LeMat revolver was a fan favorite and rare firearm in the first title, and it will be part of Red Dead Online in the coming months.

Rockstar hasn’t detailed if its stats will be the same as they were in Red Dead Redemption, or how we can get it, so we’ll have to wait and see on both fronts.

Red Dead Online Spring Update | Other new content

Red Dead Online Spring Update

There’s plenty more stuff coming your way in the Red Dead Online Spring update. The “A Land of Opportunities” mission thread will continue, with new things to do as part of Jessica LeClerk’s search for revenge. Rockstar said that players will continue to “explore the path of a Gunslinger or an Outlaw,” so keep an eye out for more on this.

New Free Roam Mission givers and mission types will be patched in, too. With Red Dead Online set years before Red Dead Redemption 2‘s story, Rockstar has teased that there will be plenty of new and familiar faces that will turn up.

Dynamic events will be introduced for the first time as well. If you played the game’s story, you’ll know that you were often ambushed by rival gangs while playing as Arthur Morgan. These ambushes, plus rescue missions and defending groups of people from attack, will be patched through.

The character creation tool is expected to receive an update, while bigger rewards for Free Roam missions will be on offer to receive. Finally, Daily Challenges have been revamped and overhauled. Players can expect to be left alone by hostile people during these, as we mentioned already, which will come as a big relief for players who just wish to carry out and complete them.