One-Punch Man Season 2 Release Date

Saitama is back! One-Punch Man season 2 has been one of the most hotly-anticipated arrivals in anime and, nearly four years after the original punched its way into our hearts, we now have a definitive One-Punch Man season 2 release date. It’s pretty damn soon, too, so you may want to binge the first season again in preparation. But, of course, not everyone will be able to watch the One-Punch Man season 2 premiere on its air date. With that in mind, we’ll glimpse what those who are looking for One-Punch Man season 2 dubbed, or want to watch One-Punch Man season 2 in the UK might have in store.

When is the One-Punch Man season 2 release date?

one-punch man season 2

One-Punch Man season 2 is slated to air on April 9, exclusively on Hulu in the US. However, this will only be the subbed version according to the latest blog post on Viz Media, the US distributors for the show.

When is the One-Punch Man season 2 dubbed release date?

one-punch man season 2

This one is a bit more complex, and doesn’t come with an obvious answer. Dubbed releases tend to follow months down the line, with the likes of Cartoon Network/Toonami typically picking them up for broadcast. For example, the latest season of Sword Art Online took a good four months before its dubbed cousin made its way to Western shores.

Toonami picked up the dubbed first season, but that released some nine months after the subbed One-Punch Man season 1 took the world by storm. We can probably expect a similar window of late 2019 or early 2020 if the new season follows the same pattern as its freshman year.

When can I watch One-Punch Man season 2 in the UK?

one-punch man season 2

That’s even less clear than the dubbed release date, as sad as it is to admit. Season 1 is current available on Netflix but, beyond that, we’ve heard absolutely nothing on a One-Punch Man season 2 UK release date, which is a real shame. Here’s hoping Netflix picks up the rights – let’s be honest, it’s got the money to do so – and announces a near-simultaneous airing schedule before long.