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Battlefield 5 | How to play Firestorm mode

The eagerly anticipated Battlefield 5 Firestorm battle royale mode is now live. Of course, you’ll all be wanting to know how to play Firestorm, the brand-new exciting battle royale game mode for Battlefield 5. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at how you actually access Firestorm. Read on for all the details regarding how to play Firestorm in Battlefield 5.

What is Battlefield 5 Firestorm?

How to play Firestorm

Before you find out how to play Firestorm in Battlefield 5, you’ll want to know exactly what it is. Simply put, Firestorm is a brand-new battle-royale game mode in Battlefield 5.

Essentially, you will fly in over the Halvoy map, choose a deploy spot, then land there with the help of a parachute either alone or as part of a small squad. You’ll need to find weapons, vehicles, and items throughout the map. The Firestorm will close in, making the map smaller as you play. The last player or team standing wins. Once you have been killed, you’re out.

Firestorm is Battlefield’s answer to Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Black Ops 4 Blackout. It’s a separate mode and you will need to download the latest update in order to play it.

How to play Firestorm

How to play Firestorm

Unfortunately, Firestorm is not a standalone free-to-play game a la Apex Legends. As you might have read in our guide, you will have to own a copy of Battlefield 5 and download its latest update in order to play Firestorm.

Thankfully, when you have downloaded and installed the latest Battlefield 5 update, playing Firestorm couldn’t be easier. You will be able to access Firestorm from the game’s main menu, just as you can with the rest of the game’s modes. Simply scroll over to the Firestorm option on the Battlefield 5 main menu, select it, and you’re good to go. That’s all there is to it.

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