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Fortnite Revert Explained | Will Epic bring back 50 health per kill?

Fortnite revert” has been the calling card for many a Twitter commenter over the past few days. With the community voicing its displeasure at Epic Games’ decision to remove the 50 health per kill game feature, one that also dropped 50 material upon killing an enemy, many are wondering whether Fortnite will revert back to an old update. So, whether you need the Fortnite revert meme explained, or are wondering if Epic will bring back the 50 health per kill feature and increasing material farming speed, then be sure to read on!

Fortnite Revert Explained

fortnite revert

Noticed a Twitter trend lately? No, not that kind of Twitter trend, but a strange occurrence at the bottom of every official Fortnite tweet. People are posting Uno cards, and are calling for Epic to revert, well, something.

If you’ve dropped off of Fortnite these past few months, you may not be aware of a new feature that was introduced on February 14. Upon killing a player, you’d be given a 50 health boost, 50 shields, and even some materials for your troubles. It rewards more proactive play, and tips the scales back in the favour of those who were a little more aggressive. Overall: it was more frenetic, but it was certainly more fun. There was even a 40 percent speed boost to getting materials.

Epic, though, has chosen to remove the risk/reward mechanic as part of the 8.20 update on March 27. No reason has been given for the removal of the 50 health per kill feature, but a Fortnite revert movement started in its wake, prompting fans (and popular streamers such as Ninja and Tfue) to speak out against the changes.

Will Fortnite revert back to an old update?

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Almost definitely not. While you can wind the clock back on certain changes, there’s almost zero chance of Epic outright reverting back to the February 14 update. Too many changes and balances have been introduced in the interim to make this anywhere close to a workable idea.

Will Epic bring back 50 health per kills in Fortnite?

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As of writing, we’ve heard nothing from Epic in regards to a Fortnite revert, or the possibility of bringing back 50 health per kill in Fortnite. It’s a damn shame, but the developers’ silence is particularly telling.

It, of course, must be aware of the backlash, yet no plans are currently in place to bring back any fan-favorite feature, though it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. LTMs and popular weapons have returned back in the past and, as long as the swell of support stays the right side of polite, then there’s every chance that Epic will yield and allow 50 shield and 50 health upon killing enemies back in the game by the time April is out.