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Borderlands 1 Golden Chest | Location and how to redeem shift codes

Rejoice, for there’s finally a Borderlands 1 Golden Chest in the Borderlands remastered edition. If you’re working your way through Borderlands GOTY, you’ll want to knowwhere the Golden Chest location is. You may also want to learn how to redeem shift codes to get more Golden Keys to unlock it too. Learn more with our Borderlands 1 Golden Chest guide.

Borderlands 1 Golden Chest | Location

Borderlands 1 Golden Chest

So where is the Borderlands 1 Golden Chest location? Well it wasn’t in the original version of Gearbox’s RPG shooter, so well-traveled fans will also need to know where to find it in the remastered game.

Luckily for you, we have the answer. It can be found in the Fyrestone area of the Arid Badlands section, and you’ll want to head to the North of the map to locate it. Head north from the Outpost, Bounty Board, and Shop, northeast of Fyrestone Coliseum, and you will come across the Golden Chest here.

You need one Golden Key to unlock it and get some rare loot inside. Thankfully, Gearbox have given every player 75 free Golden Keys if they update Borderlands 1 with the remastered graphics and textures, or buy the Game of the Year edition, so you won’t be scrounging around for keys.

Borderlands 1 Golden Chest | Redeem shift codes

Borderlands 1 Golden Chest

Another way to earn Borderlands 1 Golden Chest keys is via shift codes. These are being given out by Gearbox on social media, and they enable you to get five extra Golden Keys. That’s providing that you’re quick enough to use the 25-long character codes before anyone else nabs them.

If you get one, you’ll need to redeem it. To do this, open up the main menu. Head to the “extras” subsection. Select the “Shift” option, and you’ll be asked to input your 25-character code. Put the code in carefully, and then hit the submit button. This will give a certain reward based on the code you’ve used.