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Altar to N’kuhana location in Risk of Rain 2 | Her Concepts achievement

Finding the Altar to N’kuhana location in Risk of Rain 2 can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To make earning the Her Concepts achievement easier, we’ve outlined everything you need to know in the guide below.

Find the Altar to N’kuhana Location in Risk of Rain 2

Like most of the challenges issued to players in Risk of Rain 2, the Her Concepts achievement doesn’t really offer any kind of clue for you to follow. Instead, you’d normally have to bumble your way around the game until you happen upon this secret area. Thankfully you don’t have to do this alone, and we’ve done all the work. Here’s what you need to know to find the Altar to N’kuhana location and complete the Her Concepts achievement. Completing this task will reward you with a rare item called the N’kuhana’s Opinion.

Altar to N’kuhana location

This particular challenge can only be completed by exploring Wetlands Aspect. As one of the main areas that you’ll fight in each run, Wetlands Aspect often appears as the as the second level of most of the runs that you’ll take in Risk of Rain 2. Sometimes, though, you’ll find yourself having to play through an entire run before Wetlands Aspect will enter the rotation. You can grab usually this achievement early on in a run and then wipe to start a new run with the item that you unlock when you complete this challenge. To find the Altar to N’kuhana you will need to head towards the very edge of The Wetlands.

Most of this level has a good bit of standing water, but the area that we’re looking for is a massive drop off a cliff face. Jumping off this cliff edge will “kill” you, instantly respawning you back on the map somewhere. When you reach the cliff, skirt around the very edge and look beneath the strange object that juts out and off the cliff. You should just be able to spot a small cave entrance below. This is where the Altar to N’kuhana can be found.

Altar to N’kuhana location

While jumping off the cliff won’t kill you, you will need to bring a character that can make the jump to this ledge. The best characters for this are the Mercenary and the Huntress, both of whom have a nice dash skill that you can make use of. You can reach the Altar to N’kuhana location with other characters, but these two are simply the easiest to manage due to their overall agility.

Altar to N’kuhana location

Hop off the cliff and down into the cavern. From here all that’s left to do is follow is back. You should see red and green lights along the way. When it’s red, it’s safe to run down the tunnel. When the lights turn green, though, you’re going to want to wait. Continue this process until you reach the end. Here you should find a room with a massive skeleton floating in the center. Shoot the skeleton and you’ll complete the Her Concepts achievement as you’ve found the Altar to N’kuhana. Completing this challenge will reward you with the N’kuhana’s Opinion, a new item you can find during your runs.

What is N’kuhana’s Opinion in Risk of Rain 2?

The item that you just unlocked by finding the Altar to N’kuhana, N’kuhana’s Opinion, is just one of many rare items that you will find while playing Risk of Rain 2. When equipped this item will allow players to store 100% of healing as Soul Energy, with an additional 100% per stack that they have. This means that equipping a stack of 2 N’kuhana’s Opinion will store 200% of your healing as Soul Energy. When your overall Soul Energy reaches 10% of your max health, you’ll unleash a skull that deals a total of 250% of your Soul Energy as damage to any enemy it hits.

This item is perfect for characters like MUL-T and the Engineer, which can take a hit and still keep moving. All the damage that you take will allow you to heal up, which will then create Soul Energy for this item to make use of. For this to be really effective, you’re going to want to pair quite a few healing items with it. This will make storing and releasing Soul Energy a quick and easy process.

Altar to N’kuhana location

Some of the best items to pair this up with include the Monster Tooth, which causes a healing orb that heals 4 health to drop every time you kill an enemy. The Cautious Slug is also another great item to pair this with, as it increases your passive health regen by 250% while outside of combat. This means anytime that you aren’t attacking enemies, you’ll be able to regain your health quickly, charging up that Soul Energy even faster.

Of course, like most of the items you will come across in Risk of Rain 2, the N’kuhana’s Opinion will all depend on what kind of build you want to run. While many players are quick to pick up every item that they come across, if you’re more particular about the gear you acquire, you can actually set your character up with a specific build. If you’re going to run this item, then try setting up a high healing build that allows you to take a lot of hits while also constantly healing.

Now that you know how to find the Altar to N’kuhana location and complete the Her Concepts achievement, there’s plenty left to do in Risk of Rain 2. You’ll also want to make sure you know how to unlock all the characters, which will take a bit of time. You should also check out our other guides which show you how to complete the Naturopath achievement, which tasks you with completing three teleporter events without using any healing items.