Borderlands GOTY Custom Waypoint Appearing Bug Fix

That Borderlands GOTY custom waypoint just won’t seem to go away, will it? Often appearing at the top left-hand corner of your map, the waypoint will appear randomly and, while you can get rid of it, it’s something that keeps happening again and again. If you’re looking for a Borderlands custom waypoint fix, then we’ll explain why that might not be as cut-and-dry as you would’ve hoped for, but also how there’s a way to remove custom waypoints in the Borderlands remaster on PC, if not Xbox One and PS4.

Why is the Borderlands GOTY custom waypoint on my map?

Borderlands GOTY Custom Waypoint

Now, this is a bit of a confusing one. It all seems to stem from the game not rrealizing which menu you’re on when you’ve made certain button/mouse clicks. Opening up your map up and then heading to either your inventory or another tab/menu in Borderlands can cause problems.

u/JTeeth on Reddit has done some testing and has managed to produced a result to consistently bring up a custom waypoint in Borderlands GOTY in the top left or right of the map without fail.

He suggests that opening up your map (on PC, at least) and shifting through the tabs to the inventory and then clicking on any gun is enough to bring up a custom waypoint, which is interesting to say the least.

Borderlands GOTY custom waypoint bug fix

Borderlands GOTY Custom Waypoint

Basically, you’ll need to ensure you can open your inventory before opening your map, which you should be able to do by default. Using the inventory then the map doesn’t seem to affect too much and shouldn’t bring up a custom waypoint. For those looking to open up the menu, it’s the back button/touch pad on Xbox One and PS4 respectively, while it’s mapped to M on PC.

Pressing any of those while in a vehicle will automatically bring up the map, so avoid that like the plague, and appears to be the reason why so many people are getting custom waypoints appearing. If you can help it, do not bring up the map in a vehicle.

You can also simply remove the custom waypoint, as arduous as that sounds, manually by opening up your map and clicking on it to remove it.

Pubishers 2K, for its part, suggests opening a support ticket so it can further investigate the issue.