Borderlands Rainbow Rarity | Why are my guns changing color?

You might have heard some rumblings about a Borderlands Rainbow rarity addition to the second game in Gearbox’s loot shooter series. You’re not far wrong, either. The new Borderlands rarity tier, which hasn’t been officially introduced as-of-writing, could be hinting at certain changes coming to Borderlands 3 or, better still, will be a way for you to squeeze dozens more hours out of the original Borderlands titles. We’ll explain what it means when your guns are changing color in the menu and spoiler: It’s because of the Rainbow rarity.

What is Borderlands Rainbow rarity?

So, here’s what we do know: Borderlands 2 recently got an update and, you’d be forgiven for thinking it didn’t do a whole lot. But, the fact a years-old game got an update out of the blue is interesting in and of itself. Captain Koby on Twitter thought so, so he went digging. Within the game’s code he found a new Rainbow rarity, to go alongside the common, rare, and legendary tiers in the game.

As of right now, it can only be accessed via mods, so don’t expect a technicolor killing-fest to explode out of your screens anytime soon. Still, it could be showing Gearbox’s hand when it comes to any new Borderlands 3 features.

Why are my guns changing color in Borderlands?

However, if you do find your guns changing color in BorderlandsBorderlands 2, or any other iteration of the franchise, then there’s no real need to worry. You’ll probably have some sort of mod activated wherein Rainbow rarity has been applied, but don’t expect that to be too widespread amongst the community. It doesn’t even affect anything and, after all, this was tucked away in the game’s files and hasn’t been made an official part of the game. I can’t see Gearbox being overjoyed that its possible new reveal has been spoiled straight out of the gate.