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Black Ops 4 Duos removed | Why is Blackout Duos disabled?

People aren’t happy about Treyarch’s decision to remove Black Ops 4 Duos from its Blackout playlist rotation. If you’re one of those wondering why Duos was disabled, we’ve got you covered. Read our Black Ops 4 Duos removed in Blackout guide to find out exactly why.

Black Ops 4 Duos removed | Why is Duos disabled?

Black Ops 4 Duos

Let’s backtrack quickly before we explain why Black Ops 4 Duos was removed. The April 9 patch, known as the 1.17 update, brought some big changes to the game. One of those was Duos mode being dropped and, suffice to say, fans weren’t exactly enamored with that decision.

Players flocked to the game’s Reddit page to ask why it had been disabled. As you can see from this search, there’s quite a few players who wanted it to remain.

Treyarch has since responded to fan frustration over its departure. In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the game’s developer revealed that Duos mode was removed from Blackout in order to give other game types, on the mode’s playlist, a chance to be played. Lots of users had been playing Duos only, so its removal was seen as a way to encourage diversity in the battle royale mode.

Black Ops 4 Duos removed | Is it coming back?

Black Ops 4 Duos

Fans will be pleased to hear that Black Ops 4 Duos will be patched back into rotation, and very soon too. As part of the above tweet, Treyarch confirmed that Duos would be added back into Blackout’s playlist options on Wednesday, April 10 on Xbox One and PS4.

As for Duos on PC, Treyarch confirmed that an announcement on this would be made in due course. It seems strange that they would enable it again on consoles but not on PC. Unless there’s an issue with Duos on the PC port of the game, there’s no real reason to hold off on patching it back in.