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World War Z Class Choice | Which class should I pick first?

There are a number of World War Z class choices for you to select from. If you’re unsure which class you should pick first in World War Z, or who to go for as your main, we’ve got you covered. Learn all about World War Z classes from Gunslinger, to Slasher, and beyond, with our guide.

World War Z Class Choice | How many are there?

world war z class choice

There are six options for you to choose from. These are Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Medic, Fixer, Exterminator, and Slasher. Each class has a different starter weapon kit, but they can all use any type of weapon available in the game. Don’t think that the medic cannot use, say, a rocket launcher.

The differences for the sextuplet lie in their specific skill sets. There are 30 levels that you can rank up in for each class, and you can level your classes up by earning in-game credits  essentially XP  and spending them once you’ve completed missions.

You can spend your XP on upgrading classes that you don’t play regularly as too, which is a nice feature. It’s best to spend your credits on the class you will use as your main first though, so that you can make them as powerful as possible.

World War Z Class Choice | Gunslinger

world war z class choice

Pretty much your atypical infantry soldier. The Gunslinger is arguably the best choice for newcomers to the game due to their starting loadout.

With a plethora of skills based around increasing your weapon’s damage output, reloading and swapping between your guns, and the impact of frag grenades, the gunslinger is your best bet if you’re a “shoot first, ask questions later” type of player.

Starter loadout  Gimme a Reason  Start with a compact sub-machine gun and frag grenade. Weapon accuracy remains constant when on the move, and little recoil impact when not stationary too.

Best skill Rage Mode (unlocked at Level 16) — When pinned down by a zombie, automatically get up and push your attacker back. Doesn’t work on special zombies though.

World War Z Class Choice | Hellraiser

world war z class choice

The demolitions expert among the six classes. The Hellraiser comes equipped with packs of C4 explosives that can tear through crowds of zombies, and give your group a bit of breathing room.

Another well-rounded starter for those who want to learn the ropes before moving on to other mains. As long as you learn when to use your explosive charges, you’ll be an effective member of any squad.

Starter loadout Demoman — Start with a shotgun, C4, and Hailstorm Multiple Grenade Launcher.

Best skill — Direct Blast (unlocked at Level 8) — Deal 100% more damage to zombies with all explosives.

World War Z Class Choice | Medic

world war z class choice

The quintessential support class in any multiplayer game. If you opt for the Medic, you will be charged with keeping your teammates alive and prevent them from becoming yet another zombie in the horde.

As you can imagine, the Medic’s skill tree is based around health pack upgrades, reducing friendly fire between your squad, and how effective you are at treating your teammates. Every squad should have a Medic so, if you’re experienced enough and don’t mind hanging back while others do the most damage, this is the one for you.

Starter loadout — Booster Shot — Start with a compact SMG, Stim pistol, and free Medkit. Using said Medkit on a teammate will grant you 25% health too if you need it.

Best skill — Good Karma (unlocked at Level 15) — using a Medkit on a teammate will apply 50% of its effect to you as well.

World War Z Class Choice | Fixer

world war z class choice

Another support class, but one who is based more around supplying ammo to your teammates. The Fixer comes with a Supply Bag that allows your squad to get more ammo for their weapons, as well as coming with a secondary skill set that enables you to pick up teammates for certain perks.

Armed with a Scout Rifle as part of their starting loadout, the Fixer is another class who is most adept at hanging back and supporting those in the thick of the action.

Starter loadout — Mule — Comes with Scout Rifle and Supply Bag. Increases ammo capacity by 10% among all teammates for primary and secondary weapons.

Best skill — Please Stand Up (unlocked at Level 10) — If everyone in your team is incapacitated or pinned down, the Fixer will be able to stand up.

World War Z Class Choice | Slasher

world war z class choice

If melee is your type of game, the Slasher is the class that you’ll want to pick. Hack and slash your way through your foes with a number of melee based buffs and your trusted machete.

If you aren’t afraid to wade into the action and take zombies down right in front of you, you may be inclined to pick the Slasher class. Just make sure you don’t go gung ho and try to take on a horde by yourself, okay?

Starter loadout Shock Troops — Starts with compact SMG and Stun Gun. Melee attacks hurt two enemies instead of one and can perform multiple melee strikes before tiring.

Best skill — Trophy Hunter (unlocked at Level 11) — Deal 25% more damage to special zombies.

World War Z Class Choice | Exterminator

world war z class choice

The final class choice is for the arsonists among you. If you like playing with literal fire, the Exterminator’s brand of fire-based damage is right up your street.

Armed with Molotovs and Claymores, the Exterminator can rip through zombies with some well-placed explosives. Arguably more dangerous than the Hellraiser, but that goes for the zombies and your teammates.

Starter loadout — Firestarter — Comes with shotgun and Molotovs. Deal 25% more damage to hordes during swarm attacks.

Best skill — Fire Trap (unlocked at Level 15) — Claymore explosions set fire to surrounding area, but must start missions with Claymores.