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World War Z Unlock Time | Can I start playing World War Z on Epic Store at midnight?

The clock is ticking towards the World War Z unlock time and, for many who’ll be itching to pop the undead, there’s plenty to take into account. Not least of all the game’s Epic Store exclusivity, as well as the fact you’ll be able to preload World War Z on some platforms but not on others. Below, we’ll take you through the complete list of World War Z unlock times for the Epic Store, PS4, and Xbox One, so you can find out if you can play digital pre-orders early or at midnight.

When is the World War Z Unlock Time?

world war z unlock time

That depends on the platform and where in the world you live. The times are as follows for the PS4 World War Z unlock time on April 16:

  • 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern (US)
  • 12 AM local time (EU/UK)

The Xbox One World War Z unlock times are all at the same time:

  • 5 PM Pacific (April 15)
  • 8 PM Eastern (April 15)
  • 1 AM BST (April 16)

Meanwhile, the Epic Store World War Z unlock times are similarly staggered throughout April 16 though, confusingly, are at a different time to both the PS4 and Xbox One unlock times:

  • 1 AM Pacific
  • 4 AM Eastern
  • 9 AM BST

Can I preload World War Z?

world war z unlock time

As of April 14, you can preload World War Z (Amazon Linkon PS4 and Xbox One, which is pretty handy. However, the Epic Games Store still, as we saw with Metro Exodus, does not have the ability to preload games yet. So, if you’ve digitally pre-ordered, you’ll have to wait until the times listed in the third list above, which makes it a potentially considerable wait well in to April 16 for those on PC looking to play the game on release day. That’s if you have decent internet, anyway.

Still, it could be worse. You could be a PS4 player in the States.

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