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World War Z Offline | Can I play solo with AI bots?

World War Z single-player game sounds pretty great, right? Sure, playing with friends (even if World War Z local co-op is out of the question) is equally pleasing, but there’s something about kicking back and playing solo with AI bots that seems much more convenient. In our World War Z offline guide, we’ll explain whether you can do just that, including whether you can play the campaign with bots.

Can I play World War Z offline and single-player?

world war z offline

Picture the scene: You’re about to hop on to World War Z and your internet goes down. Disaster! Thankfully, unlike some other titles, you don’t need a buddy to help you out. Much like Black Ops 4 zombies and the Left 4 Dead series, you can play World War Z offline through all four of the game’s campaigns from start to finish. Just remember that your AI teammates won’t hear you if you shout at them.

Can I play World War Z solo with AI bots?

world war z offline

Yes! In fact, if you play World War Z offline, there’s no option to play it “solo” in terms of going it alone as a one-man-band. Instead, you’ll be lumbered (or helped by, depending on your perspective) with three AI bots automatically. You don’t have to do anything special, nor do you have to fiddle around with the options to get an AI working by your side. The bots will be alongside you from the get-go.

Additionally, if you do hop online and are met with either a half-full team or a mid-game dropout, then the kindly AI bot(s) will step in and fill the occupied space at all times. A complete team isn’t required, so you can play World War Z offline and online with bots if you so wish and can’t make up the numbers.