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Dreams PS4 Early Access Unlock Time

The Dreams PS4 Early Access unlock time is very nearly here. Those of us who are looking to scratch that creative itch with Media Molecule’s latest creative suite will be pleased to know we’re down to hours and minutes rather than days and weeks. Still, the time when you can start playing Dreams Early Access on PS4 isn’t ideal. It’s not midnight, for one thing, and it has a different unlock time in the US compared to the UK. We’ll cover that below and, as a bonus, we’ll explain whether you can preload Dreams in time for the Early Access lanch.

Dreams PS4 Early Access unlock time

Dreams PS4 Early Access Unlock Time

Media Molecule has recently revealed the exact Dreams PS4 Early Access unlock time on April 16. No, it’s not midnight in your region like you might have guessed, nor is it the old mainstay of 9 PM Pacific, 12 AM Eastern, and 5 AM BST.

Instead, you’re looking at a slightly earlier time in the UK in terms of when it actually lands. That’s at 10:30 AM BST. This is also the unlock time for those in Russia (12:30 PM Moscow Time), and Australia (7:30 PM AEST).

In the US, you’ll still get it in the morning, though folks across the world will have already had six hours of playtime before you. That’s because the Dreams PS4 Early Access unlock time in the US is 8:30 AM Pacific and 11:30 AM Eastern.

Can I preload Dreams PS4 Early Access?

Dreams PS4 Early Access Unlock Time

It’s a lot more straightforward on this front. So long as you have pre-ordered the game, you can preload Dreams from, well, right now. What are you waiting for? With a small download size expected, there’s no harm in quickly installing the game before you head to bed, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have the Dreams PS4 Early Access waiting for you in the morning. Bliss.