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Fortnite PS5 Support | Is Fortnite backwards compatible with PlayStation 5?

Fortnite PS5 Support is likely something anyone who is a fan of PlayStation and victory royales will be crying out for come the next-gen consoles release. We now know that the PS5 console will be backward-compatible with the PS4, so it seems unlikely Fortnite won’t appear on the next-gen Sony console in some form. But we don’t yet know for sure what form this will take. We can help you with some potential answers to the question “Is Fortnite backwards compatible with PlayStation 5?” As well as, how that might look, whether it’s some snazzy graphical updates or a Fortnite 2!

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Fortnite PS5 Support

Mark Cerny, lead system architect of the PS4, just confirmed the PS5 will be backward-compatible. Therefore, Fortnite PS5 support seems almost inevitable. The game has been hugely successful and has made a habit of being on every platform, from iPhone to the Nintendo Switch.

Beyond backward-compatibility support, the only thing preventing Fortnite from being on the PS5 would be online server support from Epic Games. Fortnite has been a massive win for Epic Games, so by the time PS5 comes, it’s likely that Epic will be looking to continue the successful run.

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Fortnite PS5 Support

One of the more interest questions about Fortnite PS5 support is regarding what form the battle royale game will take on the next-gen console. Mark Cerny confirmed the PS5 will support 8K and run on SSD storage, making the performance available to Fortnite vastly improved. So, if the same Fortnite game does indeed make its way on to the PS5, it’s possible that some graphical and quality of life updates could also be on the way. This would be similar to enhancements made for the PS4 Pro, but even more stunning.

There is also the possibility of a Fortnite 2. No battle royale games of note are yet to take a step down the sequel route. Many battle royale titles have looked to keep things exciting by adding new maps and improved visuals within the current game. The PS5 would give Epic Games the opportunity to build Fortnite 2 from the ground up with the next-gen consoles improvements in mind. However, this step may not be necessary given the current game’s success.