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Rocket League 1.61 Update Patch Notes

Say hello to the Rocket League 1.61 update. Psyonix is calling this one the Rocket League Esports Shop update, which gives you some indication as to where the developer’s priorities lie on this one. But that’s not all that’s coming to the new Rocket League update today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s prep involved for the fresh Rocket Pass, as well as some nifty new Replay FX features, and even some new items. It’s all down below in the Rocket League 1.61 update patch notes.

Rocket League 1.61 Update

rocket league 1.61 update

Esports Shop

This may rankle with some, but Rocket League is introducing more premium currency with Esports Tokens. With these, you can head to the Esports Shop and buy limited-time-only items. Most items cost around 300 Tokens, and you can buy them via your local currency in increments of 100 Tokens, 600 Tokens, 1200 Tokens, and 2500 Tokens.

Rocket Pass 3

For many, this is the big one. While the third Rocket Pass isn’t going live until April 17, things are now in place for it to boost into sight ASAP tomorrow. They come with Challenges, too, which will let you unlock further Rocket Tiers as you progress through the weekly tasks. There’s a Premium option available but, much like Fortnite, free players don’t miss out. They’ll be given a trio of tasks to complete every single week.

Replay FX

Want your Epic Saves and outrageous shots to look that much fancier? Psyonix hears you, and has dropped Replay FX into your lap. There’s now an extensive suite of customization options, from filters, to green screens, and beyond, so you can unleash your inner Spielberg and really make your mini Rocket League movies come to life. It’s a neat little addition too away from the more money-oriented content that might see fans spinning their wheels in frustration.

Rocket League 1.61 Update Patch Notes

rocket league 1.61 update

Rocket Pass 3

  • Rocket Pass 3 begins on April 17 at 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC

Esports Shop

  • Customization Items are now available via the new Esports Shop
    • Select ‘Shop’ from the Main Menu, then select ‘Esports Shop’
  • Items in the Esports Shop can be purchased with Esports Tokens
    • Esports Tokens can be purchased with your local currency, and cannot be purchased with Keys
  • Esports Store items are available in time-limited intervals
    • Each item will have a timer located below the preview thumbnail in the Esports Store


  • New Antennas are now available in the ‘Monstercat’ folder:
    • ‘Notaker’
    • ‘FWLR’

Rocket Pass Challenges

  • Challenges are a new way to unlock Tiers in Rocket Pass and the Rocket Pass Premium Upgrade
  • Select ‘Rocket Pass’ from the Main Menu, then select the ‘Challenges’ Tab in the upper-left corner
  • Each Challenge is worth three, five, or eight ‘Tier Points’
    • Earning ten Tier Points by completing Challenges will unlock your next Rocket Pass Tier
    • Earning a new level via the progression system is worth now worth ten Tier Points
  • When Rocket Pass is active, three new Challenges are added every Wednesday at 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC
    • An additional three Challenges (six total) are available to players with the Premium Upgrade
    • Challenges must be completed within their week-long period
    • If you purchase the Premium Upgrade more than one week after a Rocket Pass is released, you will earn Tier Points for completed Premium Challenges, so long as their requirements were completed during their original week-long period
  • You can now enable Replay FX within the Replay Viewer
  • While viewing a Replay, press the Share button (PS4), View button (Xbox) or F key (PC) to bring up the Replay FX menu
  • The Replay FX menu has seven options, including:
    • Focus Distance (Controls Depth of Field Distance)
    • Focus Blur (Controls how intense DOF Blur will be)
    • Focus Strength (Controls how much DOF Kernel will affect far plane)
    • Green Screen (with Red, Green, and Blue options)
    • Image Filter (with ten filters to select from)
    • Image Filter Intensity
    • Vignette
  • Replay FX options apply to an active Replay or when paused so you can take a screenshot
    • Use your platform’s screenshot function once you have a shot set up with your Replay FX of choice

Crates and Keys

  • Crate drop rates can now be viewed in-game on the Crate Preview Screen
  • Players in Belgium can no longer open Crates with Keys due to government regulations
  • Players in the Netherlands can no longer open Crates with Keys due to government regulations


  • [PS4, Xbox] You can now invite players on the same platform to your party without adding them to your Friends List
    • Select Create a Party, then select the Search function using Square (PS4) or X (Xbox)
    • This will bring up your console’s PSN ID/Gamertag search window
  • HDR is now supported on PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One S
    • HDR requires a compatible television/display and HDMI cable
  • [Xbox One X] Reduced default color saturation when HDR is enabled
    • This new default setting is present on PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One S when HDR is enabled on those platforms
  • Steering and Aerial Sensitivity Controls now be adjusted in increments of 0.01 instead of 0.1

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that delayed steering, throttle, and handbrake input by one physics frame

  • Jump ball now behaves correctly on Dunk House (Hoops) in Free Play

  • Vehicles should now respawn correctly after resetting the ball on Steam Workshop maps

  • In-game voice chat icon will no longer appear when voice chat is disabled

  • Players can now reconnect more than once if they crash or disconnect multiple times during a Ranked match

  • Biomass no longer removes color from trim on some Painted Car Bodies

  • All appropriate ‘Snowy’ maps will now appear when playing the Snow Day game mode

  • ‘Shots on Goal’ now correctly register as a stat when playing Hoops

  • Rebalanced audio on the ‘’89 Batmobile’

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players with very large Customization Item inventories to crash when scrolling through their Garage or Inventory

  • Fixed a bug causing some players to crash when leaving a Custom Training pack

  • All items should now display correctly when viewing in the Crate preview screen

  • [Switch] Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when using a player profile not linked to a Nintendo Account

  • Previous Party Chat messages no longer carry over into Training, Private Matches or Online Matches