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Fortnite Gemini, Supersonic, Cryo Hops, Gauge Leaked Skins

The latest round of Fortnite leaked skins has unveiled some of the new skins and cosmetic items that we can expect in the upcoming 8.40 update. The new Fortnite Gemini skins appear to be two rare variants of a rabbit skin that players can equip, with the choice between a darker, vermilion-trimmed outfit, or a brighter blue version. This will be joined by four Supersonic skins that dress players like a fighter pilot, as the new Air Royale mode releases in the same update. In addition, new Cryo Hops back bling matches the rabbit skins, while the new Guage back bling displays your total kills.

Fortnite Gemini skin and Cryo Hops back bling


Fortnite Gemini

The new Fortnite Gemini skins are Rare cosmetics expected to be introduced in the 8.40 update, and will likely be available from the item shop for around 1200 V-Bucks, in line with other Rare item prices. Players can choose between either the blue space suit, which has a rather cheery demeanor, but any edgelords among you may prefer the grumpier goth variant. You can also grab the matching Cryo Hops back bling, which comes in both colors, and contains a fluffy rabbit with the same expression as the matching skin.

Fortnite Supersonic skin and Gauge back bling

Fortnite Gemini

The Supersonic skin is also expected to be introduced in the 8.40 update, with four variants of the fighter pilot outfit to choose from. While it’s not yet clear what rarity these skins will be, we do know that you can also grab the matching Gauge back bling, which comes with an extra feature. As you stack eliminations in a match, this number will display on the Gauge back bling, if you have it equipped. As such, it will likely be a popular option for streamers, or anyone else that wants to showcase their combat prowess for everyone to see.

[via xkleinmikex on Twitter]