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World War Z Stim Pistol | How to use to Stim Pistol to protect a teammate

In World War Zthere are six different classes that a player can choose from. When playing as a medic, players are responsible for supporting their teammates by keeping them alive with medical supplies. It is an essential class, and every four-person squad should have a medic. Medics are given a starter loadout that includes something called a Stim Pistol. The World War Z Stim Pistol doesn’t heal whomever it is used on; it simply provides a protective shield that surrounds you or your teammate so that they can then heal up without taking any additional damage. Unfortunately, it is not clearly explained how to properly use the Stim Pistol in World War Z, so keep reading to find out how to use the Stim Pistol to protect a teammate.

How to use the World War Z Stim Pistol to protect a teammate

World War Z Stim Pistol

The World War Z Stim Pistol can either be used on yourself or a teammate. As the medic, it is your responsibility to watch out for your teammates and make sure they are doing okay health-wise. In the middle of a zombie attack, the last thing players want is to be forced to press random buttons in an attempt to figure out how to use the Stim Pistol, so it is important that you know how to use it properly.

If you want to use the Stim Pistol on yourself, all you need to do is tap the middle mouse button on PC or the left bumper on consoles (L1 on PS4, LB on Xbox One). However, lots of players have had trouble figuring out how to use the World War Z Stim Pistol on a teammate. To use the Stim Pistol on a teammate instead of yourself, you need to hold down the Stim Pistol button as opposed to tapping it. This will give your teammate a protective shield that will wear down over time and will prevent them from losing health. It is worth repeating that the Stim Pistol does not give players extra health, it just keeps them from losing any additional health while it is active.