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Days Gone PvP | Can you fight other players?

Survival in the open-world zombie horror Days Gone is already difficult enough, with hordes of zombies waiting around the corner, and a measly baseball bat as your only defense. This makes the prospect of Days Gone PvP rather intimidating, and players may be questioning if they will encounter other real players in the post-apocalypse. While we know more about the role of multiplayer in Days Gone, it’s not made clear if other players can actually ambush you, especially while you’re in the midst of an important mission. Read on to find out can you fight other players in Days Gone?

Days Gone PvP | Can you fight other players?

Days Gone PvP

The concept of competing with other real players for survival in Days Gone could actually be quite exciting, but there currently aren’t any Days Gone PvP modes in the game. In your journey around the open-world, you can ride safely knowing that other players won’t be trying to ambush you, or get in the way of important missions. With such an emphasis on the story and character development in Days Gone, the intrusion of other players could be liable to disrupt your experience, but there could still be a chance for PvP to be introduced in the future.

The developers have already announced that Days Gone DLC is in production, kicking off with a new survival mode coming for free in June. It’s possible that the Sony devs could be working on a new Days Gone PvP mode, especially considering the popularity of multiplayer in other zombie survival narratives. However, the absence of any architecture for online PvP in the game would make this a challenging task, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to encounter other players or pursue your friends in Days Gone. We could see PvP introduced in a future sequel to Days Gone, but that’s likely a long way off.