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FIFA 19 Can’t Play Weekend League | Will FUT Weekend League be extended this week?

So, you can’t play Weekend League in FIFA 19. Being unable to redeem your Champions Points, or simply coming up against a brick wall because Weekend League is broken today is more common than you might thing. But, this week, from April 26, things are proving to be far worse than normal. Players are up in arms about not being able to start Weekend League on Ultimate Team. But is there a broken WL fix on FIFA 19?

Why can’t I play Weekend League in FIFA 19?

Weekend League

Right now, there’s no definitive reason why you can’t play Weekend League this week. As long as you have the 2000 points required, and redeem like normal on the Thursday, then you should be entered into a 30-game season to win some packs and coins.

However, that’s not happening for many this week. It’s even gone as far as EA sending out a tweet saying “We are investigating issues with Weekend League [WL] qualification for players trying to activate their WL qualification after the WL has started.”

The problem seems to stem from an issue involving players redeeming Champions Points after the Weeekend League has already started on the early hours of Thursday, April 26. Previously, this wouldn’t have been a problem but, curiously enough, it is this time around.

For now, it may be best to avoid redeeming your points and joining the Weekend League, lest you lose them for good. Especially as there’s every chance the Weekend League will be extended.

Will FUT Weekend League be extended this week?

Weekend League

As expanded upon in the linked tweet above, EA is potentially looking to extend Weekend League past its normal Sunday, April 28 end date. “WL may be extended based on when the issue is resolved,” which hints at it being a very real possibility, so there’s no rush to start playing your games now if you’ve lucked out and managed to successfully redeem your Champions points.