PlayStation State of Play | How to livestream, start time, what to expect

PlayStation has announced that its second State of Play conference will be on May 9 at 3 pm PT/6pm ET. The PlayStation State of Play is a Nintendo Direct-style conference in which members from the team at PlayStation bring fans updates on everything the company has been working on lately. The first ever PlayStation State of Play was held at the end of March and ended up being a disappointment to most fans, being criticized for having lackluster announcements and generally being a waste of time. Hopefully, the upcoming PlayStation State of Play will be jam-packed with great announcements and trailers. If you’re wanting to know how to livestream the State of Play and what to expect, keep reading.

PlayStation State of Play | How to livestream

PlayStation State of Play

There are several different ways that viewers can livestream the PlayStation State of Play. Fans can watch through YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. There is no holding video up yet, but be sure to check back to this post on May 9 a few minutes before the PlayStation State of Play begins and the links should take you right to the PlayStation State of Play livestream. Additionally, make sure to stay tuned to GameRevolution for coverage and recaps of the PlayStation State of Play.

PlayStation State of Play | What to expect

PlayStation is being pretty straight forward and letting fans know that this State of Play is going to be short and sweet. The show is only going to last around ten minutes and will not contain any information about their next generation console. The State of Play is going to solely be focusing on PlayStation 4 updates and announcements.

One thing fans can count on is an extended look at MediEvil, which is a remake of an old PlayStation game that released back in 1998. MidiEvil is a hack and slash ‘spooky’ game that was announced on Halloween of 2018. You can check out the official MidiEvil trailer below.

Aside from that, the rest of the State of Play should be a surprise. PlayStation is assuring fans that the company is reading comments and taking feedback in order to make the State of Play videos the best that they can be.