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Destiny 2 1.35 Update Patch Notes | What’s changed in the Destiny 2 2.2.2 update today?

The Destiny 2 1.35 update has just gone live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Bringing with it a much-needed Spectral Blades nerf, as well as several minor fixes for bugs and glitches, the new Destiny 2 update, otherwise known as Destiny 2 2.2.2 in Bungie-speak is well worth digging in to before you fire up the game again on May 7. Here’s everything you need to know it, including the full Destiny 2 1.35 update patch notes for your perusal.

Destiny 2 1.35 Update

Destiny 2 1.35 Update

Spectral Blade nerf

Hoo boy. We saw this one coming just as soon as the Spectral Blades starting cutting people down. Damage Reduction when using the Super has been reduced by 8%, which should see it become less of an immediate thread in the PvP arena and, hopefully, will let players organically gravitate towards some other, slightly less cheesy, tactics.

The Super has also had its duration reduced by three seconds while out of stealth and 3.1 seconds while in stealth mode. Alongside that, light melee cost increased by 50%. Bungie has really dug deep into this one, and it’s heartening to see something seemingly fixed with such precision.

Dreaming City fix

But it’s not all guns and swords you need to worry about. For some, there’s been a pretty pesky Dreaming City bug which has stopped players from getting lore after completing the corresponding Ascendant Challenge. After the Destiny 2 1.35 update you’ll be happy to discover that things should be all hunky-dory on that front.

Invitation of the Nine fix

A previous Xur bounty, The Tower, was thought to be impossible to be complete thanks to the complete lack of Vex in the Warden of Nothing Strike. All the completionists out there will be pleased to know that it’s now been fixed and you can work towards the final set of lore surprises, alongside the standard piece of Legendary Gear on offer.

Destiny 2 1.35 Update Patch Notes

Destiny 2 1.35 Update

  • Spectral Blades
      • Out-of-stealth damage reduction decreased from 60% to 52%
      • In-stealth damage reduction decreased from 62% to 54.4%
      • Super duration out of stealth with no attacking decreased from 17.5 to 14.5 seconds
      • Super duration in stealth with no attacking decreased from 26.6 to 23.5 seconds
      • Light melee cost increased by 50%
  • Arcstrider
      • Fixed an issue in which Combination Blow was unintentionally magnifying damage of the Arc Staff Super


  • Voidwalker
      • Fixed an issue where Warlocks were unable to Blink after going through a teleportation portal
  • Stormcaller
      • Fixed an issue where Chaos Reach would not deal damage to enemies affected by other status effects (such as Thorn’s Soul Devourer or Hunter Tethers)

Weapons and Armor

  • Fixed an issue where Actium War Rig would prevent Auto Rifles with the Grave Robber perk from being able to generate Masterwork orbs
  • Fixed an issue where Vestian Dynasty could not be Masterworked
  • The Wizened Rebuke can now drop with random rolls from Iron Banner engrams and Match Rewards once the associated Triumph has been completed
  • Removing Sentry armor with Umbral Strike stacks active will no longer give a permanent damage buff against Taken (note that while the buff string does not clean up, the damage modifier properly clears when removing the armor; the string cleanup will be fixed in a later patch)
  • Fixed an issue where Dreaming City lore was not being awarded when completing an Ascendant Challenge
  • Fixed an issue where the “Collect Vex Samples” objective of the Xûr bounty “The Tower” could not be completed in the Warden of Nothing strike
  • Fixed an issue with the Gambit Prime bounty “Sentries Hold the Line” where all boss enemies were unintentionally contributing toward bounty progress
      • The bounty has been re-balanced to award significantly more bounty progress for Blocker and Primeval kills
  • Lowered the Verdant Light: Competitive Triumph to require only 20 Revelry Orbs
    • Players who earned 20 orbs during the Revelry event will have their Triumph completed retroactively
    • If players completed all other Triumphs, the “Party Harder” Triumph will also be completed and grant the emblem reward
  • Fixed an issue where Massacre and Locksmith medals were not appearing in Gambit Prime
Iron Banner
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Ruby shader was not dropping
      • This shader now drops when dismantling Iron Banner gear
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Eververse Ghost Shells were dropping with only Mercury perks
  • Fixed an issue where the “Good Doggo” emote was dropping from unintended sources