My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date

The rumors are true: The My Hero Academia season 4 release date has finally been unveiled. Below, we’ll take you through exactly when My Hero Academia returns with new episodes, alongside the (admittedly confusing) staggered season 4 premiere release time, especially as those attending a certain convention will be able to clap eyes on it as soon as July. So, are you ready to return to the world of superheroes and watch My Hero Academia episode 64? The precise My Hero Academia season 4 release date is waiting for you below.

When is the My Hero Academia season 4 release date?

My Hero Academia season 4

A second trailer for My Hero Academia season 4 revealed its release date: October 12, 2019. That’s an air date of a Saturday, following the pattern set by previous seasons.

However, the season 4 premiere is airing much, much earlier for attendees at this year’s Anime Expo. That’s right, come July 6, Funimation will be putting on a showing of the My Hero Academia season 4 opener for guests. That’s a worldwide exclusive; the only way you’ll be able to watch the new episode is by being there at the event in Los Angeles.

As for the October 12 showing, no release time has yet been announced for the premiere. But watch this space.

Of course, if you’ve been following the recent whispers, you’ll know that an October release date was already confirmed. It leaked in the most bizarre way, too.

According to one Twitter user, pamphlets for anime festival Jump Festa were handed out late lear year and stated that My Hero Academia returns on “October 2019.” Of course, they were right: that would make it more than a year since season 3’s finale, but also sets it up nicely to be one of the cornerstones of the Fall 2019 anime calendar.

With the previous two seasons both totalling 25 episodes each, it’s not beyond reason to expect the same again for My Hero Academia season 4. If that’s the case, it may well run in to late April 2020, a full two years after season 3 made its bow.

Will there be a My Hero Academia season 4 English dub?

My Hero Academia season 4

With season 3’s dub still incomplete, it stands to reason that we won’t get a My Hero Academia season 4 dub release date for quite some time. Either way, we can probably safely expect a 2020 showing, even if no official word has been given on its status.

Want a sneak peek at My Hero Academia season 4? Here’s the trailer for you to watch over and over until October 12.