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Rage 2 Male or Female Differences | Man or woman choice

Rage 2 male or female differences can play an important deciding factor in whether a player chooses to explore the game as a man or a woman. During the initial sequence, players are tasked with selecting either a male Walker or a female Walker, though you’re not given any explanation of the differences between the two. For example, is Walker’s friend always female? How about the way that other characters interact with you? Here’s what you need to know about the differences between male or female characters in Rage 2, to help you decide whether to choose a man or a woman.

Rage 2 Male or Female Differences

Rage 2 Male or Female

For those of you who are just starting the game, having paused to quickly check whether or not there are any major differences between male Walker and female Walker, let me tell you that, no, aside from the obvious aesthetic difference and voice actor, there are no story changes or anything like that.

I suppose it’s possible to prefer one voice actor over another, and you only get a snippet of dialog from each while deciding. While your choice of male or female character is permanent, players who are disappointed with their decision can always go and restart the game. A couple of loading screens and cutscenes (which you can skip) are the only things standing between you and picking the other Walker character.

Regardless of whether you choose a male or female character, the story you experience will be the same. And Lily, your best friend in the game, will remain a female. This isn’t like Pokemon, where your rival adapts to be the opposite sex to you.

Other characters in the game will simply refer to you as “Walker,” and won’t change their behavior based on your sex. It’s all the same experience, whether you choose a male or female character.